Here you will find a collection of esoteric science studies geared for the curious and knowledgeable mind: for the purpose to consider, review and educate those living in a divine universe. There is no level of mind or mind-set that is not capable of great things and great purpose. We ask you to join us in the search for Wisdom that allows freedom of Mind and Spirit, to awaken ones Being and Soul, to engage and lift ourselves from the past, into the present, and onward towards the future. This is a work of Love that is meant to continuously grow and modify itself to share current ideals and concepts, and to allow a focal point with which to open doors.

Much of our past comes from a broken history yet, it is by that wave of consciousness that we are now approaching the time of our lives, the next age of humanity. Many would overstate this movement as being one of confusion and fear, that we are overloaded by our senses and unprepared to enter such a time-period as we are. Many will take what they are told verbatim and depend on others to formulate their future for them, and do so without ever considering their own ability to question and research on their own. It is a busy and convoluted world that knows this, and depends on your disinterest or exposure to “water-hole” information to remain in the shadows of one’s true potential. Thus, there is room to grow in us all, there is desire to do so, and there is time to discover what we have come to learn and do.

These pages are open to share your ideas and comments as you are guided to do so —
For that is what it means to walk the Path in Unison. There is so much that will be added here in hopes it will inspire and illuminate the desire to gather humanity towards great things. All are invited to follow this site as it progresses – it has been a life’s work and desire to offer it…

C. Kessinger/Tusweca [Dragonfly]


“Then set definite periods for prayer; set definite periods for meditation. Know the difference between each. Prayer, in short, is appealing to the divine within self, the divine from without self, and meditation is keeping still in body, in mind, in heart, listening, listening to the voice of thy Maker.” ~ [Edgar Cayce: Reading 5368-1]


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