As Above – So Below

It must seem eccentric to even suggest that the human mind could ever comprehend Absolute Consciousness, let alone the levels of consciousness involved in formulating such a divine essence to connect to God as a creator. The veritable reflection of originating spiritual forces injected towards manifesting physical forces is an observation pertinent to every level of existence, from a grain of sand to the awesome emergence of stellar explosion. The attempt made in the previous chapters is one of Kabbalic tradition, mingled with a scientific reflection of divine influence and metaphysical rationalization. The problem that remains is one of discernment, surrounding the principles of creation and all the questions that feed human imagination regarding its own presence.

It would be enough to state that the absolute core of all creation is present throughout all of creation – ever present, and ever conscious. The reflection of it is just as critical as the originating image of whatever has been since before the so called ‘beginning’. The shared motive of Divine Principle and Divine Persuasion must eventually fulfill itself through human endeavors, lest every attempt to fulfill Divine Objective becomes hopelessly meaningless. Consciousness is based in objective and deliverance; the intent of forethought, and the unfolding nature of that thought through action that is the echo of an integrated First Cause.

Consciousness is therefore the stimulating compound of Air and Fire; the superlative nature of God-Force extended through God-Self, set in the Christos. The interaction of these forces divides Water from Earth; the supernal nature of God-Self extended through the Christos that generates existence itself. The first level is the Architect in ‘thought’, as the second level is the Structure being brought about as an ‘echo’ of the originating intent. Understanding the human presence is relative to everything that is Divine since it is the ‘echo’ resounding without diminutive notation unveiling Forever – that is a mere slice of Eternity.

Eternal relationships are those innate to God, from before, now and into Forever, from any singularity or ‘pointless’ inauguration – it always has been, is and will be present. Yet, the nature of Forever – in regard to the human aspect – is merely a perpetual state that resides within Eternity, having a set establishment that is based and built on divine systems and cycles for an absolute purpose; to progress through occurrence, the perpetual unfolding of experience bound in “Free Will”. This is the right of the Soul to experience through self-will to accept divine-will.

For the contemporary metaphysical mind, consciousness is a virtual concept; relative to relationships with the self, each other, and a creator, regardless of how it is individually defined. Understanding the elements of conscious design enables one to seemingly evaluate and minister to someone that is disconnected from their own sense of being, regardless of external influences. The external relationships of family, friends and passing encounters comprise the numerous events of experience that communicate to us from distinct and undeniable sources; specifically those of past, present and future conditions, and those of existing situations that deem divine and personal interaction. Our connectivity is established on specific levels of conscious design and action, such that human endeavors remain constant, even though chaotic occurrence seems to rule the day.

The ability to rationalize the interaction of order and chaos within our experiences, identifying them as elements of transmission and growth, is relative to our existence as divine agents of creation. The human consciousness is a shared consciousness; divinely and cosmically. The inherent divine engine of creation is alive in every cellular structure of the body and every atomic structure of creation. There is no secret to this beyond the concept of the human body being a vessel of cosmic design that is relative to divine intent.

The importance of understanding this ideal is critical to comprehending the human presence. Today, so many minds are distorted by organic brain/body disorders, confusion molded by mood and anxiety, personality disorders based in poor self-management skills, dramatic emotional outbursts, and severe psychotic disorders. In every case, there is the concern of spiritual and soulful understanding, and the ability to rationalize the certainty of, need of, and proper dispensing of prescriptions to alleviate such earthly disorientation.

It may be said that The Soul is confounded by the body, and vice versa. This has little to do with modern prescribed complex drugs, or environmental changes induced to increase a healthier state of being to an individual patient or client. Still, do we recognize the silent or hidden essence of a soul embedded in flesh; where the conflict of spiritual, mental and physical dimensions collide? There is a veiled battle occurring between worlds and powers that we – as humans – have never been able to fully understand or define. Religious tenets and obscure ‘human-driven’ psychologies engrave the boundaries of physical and spiritual will, and the mind is left to decipher the divine agenda of things that often stem from our human perception of God. To place a divine consciousness deep within a physical body is such a strained merging of soul and body-mind, and transmits such dimensional opposition that it’s a miracle mankind is endorsed to carry such an obscure sacred torch.

Aside from all the rhetoric, existence is occurring via the weakest link in humanity, even though it will be humanity that eventually alters and redefines the destiny of existence through its own determination. The divine scheme of creation is seemingly invested in its own ability to “co-create” its way away from chaos by turning chaos into order through such a delicate agent as mankind. The very fabric of existence is chaotic and full of aberration. It is the ‘divine’ edge of human consciousness that enables it to withstand the pressure and deliver the momentum of existence into ‘future’ consequence – as it is converting a mere grain of what drives the Cosmic Divine through the passion of human equity; utilizing divinely instilled Free-Will as the architect of ‘future’ events.

What then, does the modern metaphysical mind do – knowing it is the adversary and advocate of destructive and creative forces enveloped in every dimension strewn through space and time? The human ideal is subject to its own perceptions regardless of their intent or final outcome. To be the driver of such a machination as creation is something one has to reconcile for themselves, even though we suffer the mental distortions between us. It is through ‘reflection’ – in states of meditation and human relationships – that we endure divine promise. And, somehow, by the grace of divine consciousness, we are sharing the experience from both above and below.

It is far from unique that the human endeavor shares image and reflection in a single archetype bound in consciousness and manifestation. As with the allure of a “ship in a bottle”, the containment of mind and body is a bottle to the vessel of the human soul. The confrontation set between chaos and order over this solitary divine organism has been responsible for spiritual and physical detachment since the dawn of its concept.

At times, when I hear others use the phrase – their glass is half full or half empty – I often respond with, “how do you know you even have a glass?” To step out of the body/mind is akin to the ship leaving the bottle, and it is merely held in port waiting for something to stir the waters for it to venture outward. For the modern metaphysician this is a ‘calling’ that beckons us to respond with something more than what we believe or trust. To remain in port is stagnation, yet to venture beyond the confines of our being is to respond to universal voices.

Any attempt to respond will allow our spirit to roam, where emptying the self is to fill the self; relative to a co-creator with the urge to create. Free-Will itself is unconscious of what Absolute-Will is seeking. It is through this one divine stratagem that every possible angle of creation is instilled – signed, sealed and delivered – from a single source that divides from itself only to return to itself. By this notion, the ship has little need to leave the bottle in order to fulfill its journey. And the cycle of the divine is unbroken.

Consciousness is a means to an end – utilizing a vital divine agent of thought that is evolutionary and revolutionary in the same heartbeat; the answer to its own question. The composition of creation is present in both the ‘path’ and the ‘forest’, where every grain of sand of the path is uniquely rooted in the mightiest tree of the forest. This ideal is true in every state of natural physics where the most infinitesimal atomic structures are responsible for everything that occurs extensively. And it is the consciousness of the Divine that instills Man to perpetually create.

Where then is thy heart, thy mind, thy hand?


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