Cycles and the Incarnation Process

So, it is here that we begin to translate the arrangements of complexes and sacred grids. For in all of this, beyond the fanatical attributes of the Maya, we find more than just mere stone edifices and massive complexes of lords, priests, warriors and artisans. We find sacred spaces, relative heaven/earth mirroring, sacrificial prestige and rebirth, extreme measures of calculation and dating techniques, myth and legend of creation, and how it serves every cycle of existence. And the essence of history, as it gave time to one of the masters of knowledge – shared by the Egyptians and the Chinese – as the inheritors of a long forgotten kingdom that fell to the earth in a creation that is all but lost to our minds, but not our Souls. For there is something to say about the Soul, what the Maya called ch’ul/ch’ulel, the sap of the Soul itself, as it seems it may carry the signatures of a true ‘star-nation’ of children that had no place else in heaven to go to, except to a primitive schoolyard called Earth.

I begin this notion by presenting reflection to this unfolding imagery, the Mayan view of flesh and spirit. For it seems that we can consider the wandering aspects of ‘nomadic’ souls, in a course of point-to-point movement throughout the starry field of heaven above us. It was by the American Mystic, Edgar Cayce, that humankind was exposed to the essences of souls in flight, and that the workings of heaven held secrets that only few minds could ever truly grasp. According to Cayce, the star Arcturus is the cosmic ‘heart’ of Soul entrance, and it too is only one of several points of crossing in a universal system of Soul Passage.  For we are not seeking enlightenment to ascend or escape our weighty, karmic natures, but to reawaken ourselves to who and what we really are, and how our origins became lost in individuality and the lie of our separation. So, try and follow me through a menagerie of cosmic proportion.

Imagine if you will, that so many of our great civilizations, as they have all come and exited history, are the collective soul itself responding to the Call of imagery, experience, station amongst kings and slaves, in a landscape of mountains, valleys, deserts, forests, oceans islands and seas, passing through ages of time and heavenly space(s), that open and close in the blinking of the eye of a vast, harmonizing, omnipotent God. Does it seem so strange, that humanity, as what the soul actually stems from (for we are not human by flesh, but by spirit and soul), is engaged in a cosmic journey from field to field, star to star, world to world, that is as the reposition of a game piece around an unimaginable game board? And for all its numbers, the billions of cogent souls are unfolding the ‘play’, on all its stages, to reach the final destination of aggregate totality. It sounds like “Star Wars” and “Stargate”, as they may be more truth than fiction – for can’t we say that all of histories chronicling is all of us walking one flagstone at a time, entering and exiting, life by life, day by day, through a divine system called Creation?

For the Maya, as well as many other nations, began their path in one world to move on, from world to world, and had an age in the earth-plane that gave insight to the vast differences of all those worlds. And for this notion to have complete realization, are you not now part of their dream in reading this thesis? For this is how all knowledge moves across Heaven, the stars and all its realms. The Maya can be seen Lords of Certainty, as with Sumer and Akkad, the ancient Chinese, Babylon and Persia, Egypt, Greece and Rome, India and Polynesia, Africa and Europe, Native North and South America; the list goes on. And we have to be willing to consider the ties that bind them all, the forsaken realism of Atlantis, Lemuria, Og and Mu. And so we might be able to grasp our truer essence if we allow ourselves to be the Children of the Stars. But, this is not to say we are as ‘aliens’, moving about the cosmos in time-machines and star-ships of technology and acquired knowledge – but – it’s not to say we aren’t either. Still, I prefer to let God be God, and say that we are divided in and from the vast distances by anything physical or phantom, and that is only the Soul moves across and through the cosmic domain. So take the following as with any grain of sand, as with any kernel or seed, for as I see it, that is exactly what we are; cosmic sand, celestial seeds. For me, in all my studies of ‘as above, so below’, I have come to realize more than what we merely view as truth to be more than just a fabrication of our physical brains or soulful minds; I’ve come to accept it all as a reflection of what and where we first began. And for the Maya, and all the others, I believe they did as well.

So, as we return to the Mayan Creation theme, no longer seen as myth, we have an influx of creative souls, entering a world that had lost some of its past to time, only to bring their own unique and diverse imagery to physical, earthbound form. We can say that they entered in an age of forgotten time as children of an even older world, as so many civilizations grew from the ashes of more ancient worlds inheriting the lands of those who broke their own gods’ rules, disturbed the earth, and had to rise to a greater promise. As the course of any civilization, or ages of civilization, present the conditions that have designed (destiny) to be given in physical relationships that carry choice and responsibility (fate) to that measure. As such, the course of the Maya carries information that is more than just ‘earthly’ but also ‘out-of-system’ exposure that is finding and setting earthbound relationships that are brought to this system (Sol system) of existence, as a flagstone of soul movement and cosmic connectivity. Can we say, in regards to time that is ancient to the current mode of time, that the Maya obviously do more than share Egyptian or Atlantean associations, they are the same souls of previous time returning to continue the course of soul translation, from primal man towards reawaken man.

This presents a ‘collective’ or group formula to what we call Reincarnation, where we have individual influences and shared collective conditions merge to produce historical presence, and as civilizations collapse and rise, population numbers expand, we have now reached a point of diversity that has no color, name, or language that is more relative than any other. Now, some might call this a good thing since it produces what we call ‘unity’, but it may not be advantageous to the Incarnation Process as one believes. It is here that we have to consider the ‘over-load’ factor of human presence in any particular ‘system’ of Soul translation. We go from one glass to another, pouring a little from all into a single glass – and eventually – it overflows. This is the picture of world colliding that we may be experiencing in our time-frame, as the earth-plane is likened to train station reaching its limits – and many will board the next train passing through, but, many won’t. Some of these souls can be said to be first- to fifth-timers, and some are ancient bearers of ‘intra-system’ experiences, having endured all the known planet spheres (and possibly moon system of those worlds as well, as Jupiter has over 60 known moons alone!) and their notebooks are crammed with homework from ages of school.

We have to consider the ‘cause/effect’ ration of this. For when a glass overflows, it makes pools, and those smaller rivers may eventually run over the edge of the table – implying that at the fringe of the effect-wave ‘stragglers happen’ and the logic of the incarnation process has bumps in it. As with any cycle, if a bump occurs, then oddities of the effect-wave take on a stronger presence, and the road, the playground, and the schoolhouse itself, gets shaken down. Now we have to understand this ‘effect-wave’ as it is the shock occurrence of the cause, like when an atomic bomb explodes, there is a bright light, a momentary silence, a massive shock-wave of wind outward, carrying walls of fire and flying debris, and then the whole field near the epicenter collapses inward, until the atomic imbalance is rebalanced – and then all is quiet. So in regards to earth-changes to land and ocean, the glass will be shaken, as the hourglass of conditions is turned over and the sands flow once more. No one ever said change was without adversity, as a matter of fact, the catastrophe variable is the strongest number in the equation – so it demands occurrence, for it lies at the extreme edge of the effect-wave, just before that last breath, and everything collapses. Anyone that can grasp the function of cycles and waves knows this to be true, without exception.

The Maya understood the principles of cycles and waves, and noted the connection between them that heaven and the human soul share. And the spiritual side of the coin is backed up with the physical side. In regards to the December 21st, 2012 dating frame we find our Solar System rising across the ecliptic of the galactic core, as the bucket of the cosmic water-wheel is rising from the river as it turns from the force of water moving below it. This passage across the equator of the Milky Way is placing the earth-system above the cosmic plane, and we are entering unknown territory. And even though millions of years of physical existence has spun us about the galaxy, our small presence in the Orion Spiral Arm, some 26,000 Light Years (LY) from the galactic core, is entering uncharted waters – for the Soul, that is, as well as the flesh. The Milky Way is some 250,000 LY across the galactic table. Our nearest galactic neighbor, the Andromeda Group, is 2.65 million LY from us. And all that lies in a field called the Local Supercluster, over 100 million LY wide, containing over ten-thousand other relative galaxies, that lie in a more massive cosmic field that is some 13.7 billion LY across, what we call the ‘observable universe’, as the only area of light that has reached us that can be monitored, and even it, seems to be without borders. All of this is a cycle that rises and falls, inhales and exhales, in the idealistic cosmic breath of God. Point being, a cycle is ending and a new one is forming. But we cannot use words like ending/beginning, expanding/collapsing, as they do not really justify the situation. We can try and use folding/unfolding and possibly moving/static, as this system of cycles is doing what it does best – happen.

In the world of the Maya, so much of the cycle/wave conditions were manifested in ceremony and astral time-frames. Lords were empowered by the gods, drawn to city-state preservation, and buried in cosmic fashion as they moved onward in karmic/spiritual semblance. Still, is isn’t so much that things rise/fall as they fold/unfold in streams that move or remain static. There is an ideal that one can ponder that revolves around the perception of cyclic energy, as in cosmic fields, earth fields, body fields, and spirit/soul fields. Does the model of Seven Chakras (body energy points) sound limited, or extreme? I ask this since our attention is drawing us further in toward relationships of cycles and waves, as the spiritual/physical aspects of these cycles is open to speculation, but, it is also open to the ‘cause/effect’ wave held by those cycles. As it appears to state that earth-changes are inevitable, then reason states flesh and soul must change in like manner. And I use the word ‘must’ to emphasize the force of cycles and waves folding and unfolding.

As the cycle/wave folds and unfolds, the soul/spirit/flesh moves, or remains still. And like many forms of energy, some levels of ‘speed’ are found in their natures; such that spirit moves quickly, soul moves medially, and flesh chugs along at a heart-stopping speed of ‘5MPH’, compared to spirit and soul that is. This too begins to alter the picture some, as we are very much so aware of time difference in our Gregorian Calendar system; and this seems to fail some when it’s applied to translating Mayan dating systems. We can keep the 2012 crossing in our minds eye, but the truth is there is a little more than a 4-5 year indifference to it. The cosmic alignment of December 21st, 2012 is greatly lacking in definition, and yet a December 21st, 2007 crossing is far more unique. For on that day, at high noon, the Sun is almost perfectly conjunct with Jupiter on the far side of the solar system, and Mercury betwixt us and the Sun. The focal lens of this is huge, and the implications are drawn more so in the second portion of this study: Mayan Cosmology II.

We view Seven Chakra ‘vortices’, or spinning-wheels’ (like water into a drain) in the human body. In many ways, we state that energy passes through these centers from fields strewn about the body, fed by streams that flow through the body-field as local grades/dimensions of regional energy, fed by oceans that flow in deeper grades/dimensions of energy-wells that reach far beyond the natural realms. So one could say that in creation, one that relates a ‘likeness’ of the Creator, a Triadic form [Father/Son/Holy Spirit] extends a base form or ‘soul-triad’ of natures as well. A direct mirrored relationship of Creator to Soul personification, and in First World conception, the human soul functions with a full set of operational energy centers, as it is the Soul that has these signatures, not the flesh body – which hadn’t even entered the equation until later. I digest this to be equivalent to the same spheres on the Tree of Life, the Adam-Kadmon framework that was birthed in Heaven, in response to Heaven, as the Adam-Kadmon is the state of Soul that is in the ‘likeness’ of God. As there are Ten Sefirot, or spheres incorporated in the Kabbalic view, one concludes that the numerical state of ‘fullness’, that the number ten is signature to, then ten such spheres are the completed state of the human soul. Yes, that means there are ten natural energy centers, or chakra-wheels, to the complete personified Soul. So why are there only seven now? Or, is there more lying in a state of stasis, as with stagnant or static energy cycle/waves?

The Maya knew well the ideals of Reincarnative Staging, and how there are levels at all stages that fold/unfold in cycles of force and move or remain static in waves of passing, all reflecting a journey initiated in creation. But, in the process of creation we found distortion and rebellion that stemmed from a counterforce we held in the ego, or Id. In this ‘fall’ of cosmic proportion we rendered the perfected state null by lessening our degree of stability, and spiritual extension crashed in waves upon the physical shore. And as the dust cleared, only three of the ‘trunk’ energy spheres kept stability, and First World emergence was left to grope in the cosmic darkness until the 4th Sphere/Chakra emerged. Second World unfolded, or more so, awoken a 5th Sphere, to Third World a sixth, with Fourth World embracing the 7th Sphere/Chakra. As we are entering an unknown ‘wave’ of the Earth-plane cycle, we are seeing our nature change, once again. And as the Spirit has already embraced the change, as the Soul is following in like intention, while the flesh suffers in the ‘effect-wave’ and is rendered distorted and dis-eased by the shift. Yet, the consideration of these World cycles are far more distant than those viewed above as ages imbedded in the current world age, as I speak in terms of epochs that extend back some 155,000 years, almost a full Kalabtun of time. [13×204, or] I’m not attempting to change the current metaphysical view of Mayan calendrics, but I will challenge the terminology and the dating limitations given to it by many analytical minds. With that in mind, the cycle is inclusive of pre-Mayan worlds, as their appearance in the earth-plane was the ‘echo’ of the inheritors of previous ancient ages – and therefore, at the end of a cycle that was much more immense than they could have imagined.

Still, can this be called ‘ascension’, or merely the reawakening of energies that recognize the veracity of a cycle ‘rising’, passing if you will, through some enigmatic cosmic Gate of Translation? The term ‘rising’ is not a term of motion as much as it’s a term of degree, like following the edge of a circle; as one side changes in degrees of arc that seem to fall into degrees of arc that are noted to rise. Take this cosmic ‘circle’ and divide it into ten sections/levels of equal arc degrees (360 to be precise; 60×6) and you’ll have an energy grid for cyclic folding and unfolding. And on the cosmic clock, the hour-hand clicks to the 8th position/term of the Mayan Long Count as the minute hand is set to twelve (or actually, in regard of the Soul, the twelfth position is 10; the number of completion), and in the very first second of the hour, the Mayan Calendar watches the “0” in the first position of the Long Count rollover to “1”, and a cycle begins once again; the cycle of cycles, waves within waves, days set into years, this single moment in time. And even this is the dawn of an awakening, as the possibility of an 8th Sphere/Chakra is being reborn, or re-energized once more. Even then, we may have to consider that there are 10 to the entire system, and that we are nowhere near the close of our evolutionary path. What does this mean? Simply put, we are still some five to fifteen thousand years from the final score, and that the Ends of Days has only yet begun.

This is a birth that the Spirit has already witnessed; a birth that the Soul is embracing, a birth that flesh is burning under, to turn to ash and ‘phoenix’ into a physical state that is more cohesive in passing over into unknown spaces. And every spiritual civilization has spoken of this movement, in ceremony and war, building and rebuilding, birth to death, noting how the heavens rotated in a dance that swayed the physical boat of humanity back and forth across cosmic waters that have extended change as much as stagnation. Freeze-frame or ‘stagnate’ any of the cycles or planes, in any position (as in ‘ages’ or degrees of time), and the pressure of ‘non-folding’ (as in not-folding or not-unfolding) builds in the heart of it, even as all other cycles continue to flow, and then something has to give. The Karmic side of the cosmic coin is expanding and contracting all the time, as stages are leveled, while others unfold like flowers with extending petals into a contiguous evolution. Mankind, as a physical being, has been unfolding for eons. As a spiritual being, the journey has already ended, as the ‘body’ still burns in the wake of cosmic movement.

For the Maya this was found in their own undoing, as even their own prophetic calendrics told them of a day that the ‘age of wisdom’ for them would surely have to fall. And the ‘fall’ for them was called the Spanish Conquistador. The last of the Temple Lords have left us with a question. So, ponder this my friend, what is the closing of one door when another waits right behind it? And what is destiny when your fate has you holding your breath? Funny, isn’t it, how history caters to no one and no-thing, and time suffers naught.

May the ‘Cycle’ be with you…for what you Fear the most, will be what you reap.

A special thanks to the work of David Freidel, Linda Schele, and Joy Parker,
from the book “Maya Cosmos: Three Thousand Years On The Shaman’s Path”, and the works of Dr. E.C Krupp for so many
of the ideas and notes that help establish this study.


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