Dreamer Out of Time

In order for anyone to fully comprehend spiritual ideals they must devote more than themselves to seeking them. What is sought by desire can never be found when attempting to force the hand of fate to reveal the mysteries to us, and what destiny allocates, fate regulates. The very notion of stepping ‘outside’ – into the real Self – has become a forsaken ideal, attempted in so many ways in prayer or meditation that the ego cannot fathom and the mind cannot speak of. Regardless of one’s own perception, jargon, or invented ritual, the ideal moment to witness the magnificence of Creation is held in what the Kabbalist refers to as, Splendor. This is the definitive unique concept of vision, revelation and prophecy held sacred by the ancients – this is the essence of Second Sight.

The term ‘vision’ is mentioned over 75 times in the Bible, mostly referencing the Hebrew term châzôwn (khaw-zone); a ‘sight’, mentally – a dream, revelation or oracle. For the true mystic this is a glimpse of reality far beyond the veil of physical or internal sight. It is far from natural or supernatural, absolute or conditional, and never has it been confused by man, that is more so mystified by it. It is a perception of the Soul that defies words or expression. It has many unrefined names; Tao, yin/yang, the ‘all seeing eye’, and even Second Sight. There are even more discrete names for it; the Eye of The Soul, the Mustard Seed, and the Enigma of the Tetragrammaton. Many of the patriarchs speak of this, attempting to describe it, even though the Hebrew itself is incapable of explaining or illustrating it in any way, and thus, the mystical side of scripture remains intact.

On a more personal note, there was once a moment – in this life – when this author can faithfully state that this precious ‘moment’ in time has been experienced and that the years that have followed have failed to translate or fully comprehend the essence of it. It was, for all practical measures, a moment of grandeur and radiance. To even attempt to explain such a moment may seem bizarre and eccentric, yet, in regard of this topic – and so many others that have fascinated this author over the years – it is the foundation of Understanding, Knowledge, and respectively – Wisdom.

Without detailing the experiences of those early years, one could say the encounters of so many moments have led to a resilient theosophical and metaphysical perspective, seeking only the means to discern the experience. Growing up within a strong Southern Baptist environment offered a viable foundation of fundamental spiritual instruction, while recognizing specific gaps in the way those precepts were being presented. On one’s own, it is difficult to merge religious ideals with what fervent Christian communities consider secular thinking, especially if one attempts to synchronize religious doctrine with scientific analysis. Religion and science are not meant to dine together, and yet the metaphysical mind is allowed to reasonably do so without reservation. It is far from assumptive to say that Creation is anything less than the inventiveness of science by an omnipotent God, and religion is the attempt to define it. At the divine level they are in fact one in the same.

So many rituals, both past and present, sanction the use of hallucinogenic mixtures in practices were vision and dream are concerned; typical of many “shamanistic” rituals. I am not fond of the use of such terms, shaman, as the term itself is more so Russian in origin (from the Turkic word šamán, the term for such a practitioner, which also gained currency in the wider Turko-Mongol and Tungusic cultures in ancient Siberia)  and are in many way considered ‘dark priests’. The term then has entered spiritualistic circles and become a catch phrase of deceit and usury. Although this author is of Native American descent, and certain ancient practices were being implemented at the time, it by no means endorses such actions in order to attain visionary moments in time. Actually, it has been the departure of such devices that one has become closer to greater spiritual acuity. The mind and heart must be opened, and in many ways, the Path has no rule for how this is done. The Path is as it is, set before the beginning and beyond the end. The matter of import lies in what one does in the afterglow of such vision.

Regardless of so many self-induced vision quests, the maximum religious principles were being questioned by the minimum scientific observations, and the fusion of family religious creed and secular substance was at odds with itself. The religious creeds were formed by adoption into a non-native family, while the scientific influence was introduced through a parent working for NASA. The mixture seemed unstable, and when reincarnation appeared in my own personal studies, primarily by default through a curiosity in Native American practices and studies in Egyptology, the situation produced an awareness that was seemingly illuminating.

By incarnating into this life, under such odd conditions, the conflict produced through culture-shock bred insight that was revolutionary by decree. In the following observations made in this presentation an attempt to define how those moments of spiritual Splendor evolved and how such experiences sculpt the heart and mind granted in the human experience will be offered. The scale of this subject will be primarily drawn from years of study in the Kabbalah and the works of Edgar Cayce, introduced invariably from a series of experiences induced from the moments of visionary revelation.

The Kabbalic measure is required when engaging scripture, for it defines itself through scripture, and vice versa. To acknowledge one without the other is to receive less than half of the whole, and interpretation greatly suffers; a humanistic crime that is current in every branch of Christianity and Spiritualism. In this authors opinion, the very key to our humanity is being cut from our heart and mind through the “perceptual engineering” of our own ego-centricity, and man is entering a Fall that will force us to reconsider all of Creation. For all our efforts, our spiritual advancement is being stalled at the doorstep and revolution is building faster than revelation. The question is – will we survive our own shadow?

If the very machination of creation is so interminable and malleable by design, and the earthly encounter so constrained and inflexible by function, then the motivation of existence is methodical and utilitarian. Noting that such attention to details is the ultimate characteristic of consciousness – divine and worldly, spiritual and physical – is the definitive factor persuading self-awareness; where self-awareness is the eventual purpose of creation responding to its creator through spiritual synchronization. All things pass within ‘chaos’ in a cosmic attempt to attain ‘order’.

It is the echo complimenting the voice…


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