The Calculative Paradigm

The Calculative Paradigm is one of invariable design, binding the quintessence of spirit and manifestation through the personification of supernal and sub-divine refinement. The dynamics of such cyclic formula are considerable, defined through the divine aspects of experiences necessary for karmic acquittal. Thus, the Matrix is the ‘blueprint’ portion of the formula, and the Array consists of the individual and unique variables, or expression, that one brings to it. It is not that the karmic cycle is purposely meant to be shattered or conquered, but that through experience it is harmonized to divine will. The Matrix attempts to drive an individual towards an end goal and is the”conditional” nature of the formula, while the Array is composed by the individual “signatures” one carries or introduces to it. In the activity of such precepts one exists to persuade creation to balance themselves, a synchronization of the equation itself, thus, the very principle of ‘co-creation’ exemplary of human existence. All five levels of the Soul reincarnate independent of each other, where every entity or partition of spirit possesses a combination of spirit/soul that has existed in previous lives or ages in varied ‘conditions’, all of which motivate the current experience, aimed toward achieving tikkun ha’Neshamot, or spiritual refinement of the soul.

In the Bahir (Book of Illumination), considered the oldest of classical Kabbalistic texts until the Zohar, the staging or process of reincarnation may occur for thousands of generations. Another teaching states that the souls of the Tzaddikim (the righteous) reincarnate ad infinitum, for the benefit of humanity and to accelerate tikkun Olam – the rectification of the world. In many ways, this is exemplary of prophets, mystics and visionary souls that all reflect the diverse aspects of divine consciousness into physical experiences; they are the “shepherds” of men. [Kaplan; 1997]

The extent of the Calculative Matrix is relative by construct and dimension, such that the defining elements of the equation may seem predetermined and autocratic. For the most part, at one time or another, the spirit of our being senses an oppressive nature to existence – where one’s experiences appear obtrusive or vindictive – and resistance to such ‘conditions’ is blinding to the actual intent of the occurrence. These are not oddities or curses in the formula purposely designed to break ones will or destroy their life as much as they are brackets or disengaging elements in the equation that initiate conditions of momentary introspection of current conditions. Resistance to the condition generally worsens or extends the experience – where most individuals consider the ruling agent of universal engagement to be toying with them.

Noting that such ‘conditions’ could actually be protecting the entity from some unforeseen occurrence, the level of resistance one offers the situation only heightens it and often times stimulate alternative circumstances, thus, the sequencing of the Matrix may be altered, rewritten, or subject to elimination or addition of other ‘conditions’ in order to balance the interruption; as the Matrix itself is far from inflexible. The very nature of our being that is ‘co-creative’ is capable of great influence over the regulations of experience that so many believe is intrinsic to divine coincidence. We tend to state that coincidences never occur in our experiences, and yet, our responsive actions themselves are responsible for conflict and collision that otherwise introduce coincidence. At times, the situation unfolds without variance to divine condition, while other circumstances leave us in the wake of disaster – and the echoing sequencing resets the Matrix involving future condition. To state there are no coincidences in experience is to deny the capacity of Free-Will itself.

The Tao critiques this motive in the way it relates to water and wind, and the illusive hand of the IT, or divine essence, where the innocuous physics of divine creation and the provocative actions of man engrave and respond to the conditions of experience. Learning to ‘yield’ or bend in these moments is critical in how they are interpreted for the Soul. In the very stimulation of water/wind are these forces capable of carving any landscape into distorted incomprehensible shapes that are then perceived as the twisted or beautiful sculptings of nature. The ‘dance’ of nature is symbolic of conditional sequencing, noting that after thousands of years of exposure to the elements the internal and external mechanisms of geological physics manifest the astral world we call earth. How then can we consider the potential of ‘conditional sequencing’, inherent to reincarnation, to be any different than what is observed around us? Nature is the ruling force that reflects the conditional influence of dualism and divine impetus, where the Calculative Matrix of the Soul is a reflection of its organization and inclination. This is the First Priciple of Creation itself in action. And where the Calculative Matrix is premeditated by conception, the Calculative Array is spontaneous by impression.

Mankind is the only slice of creation that maintains the existence of the Soul. It is not just a universal awareness — it is an individual one as well. Consider the absoluteness of God-Self as a massive apple pie cut up into individual pieces that are separated and given conscious recognition with a Will of its own. All parts of the pie are apple pie, and always will be, and eventually the pie will be put back together again. In Michael Talbot’s “The Holographic Universe”, the same concept is applied in regards to a universal ‘hologram’. A hologram is a picture of an object taken with a light source pointed at the target at a specific angle and predetermined amplitude. The target is photographed and appears as a single object on the film. We can take that same film and cut it into a billion pieces, shine the same light source on it at the same angle, and get a full replication of the original object within any portion of it. One needs to understand the relative nature of this, where God is an unchanging light source and we are portions of the divine-holographic film; made in his image, and configured with a collective and distinct individuality.

This somewhat reflects the words of Edgar Cayce. “Knowing that First Principle, that the gift of God to man is an individual soul that may be one WITH Him, and that may know itself to be one with Him and yet individual in itself, with the attributes of the whole, yet not the whole.” [Reading 262-11] “Each soul was, is, and is to be a companion with that creative influence or force called God. Thus each entity is a Child of God, or is a part of that whole.” [Reading 2533-1] These may seem like tongue twisters but they present a critical aspect of the human soul; that personality, emotion, and the presentation of the body, are all reflections of Creator and creation. “These find expression in personality, but in individuality you may give the expression of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, WITHOUT the destruction of the personality.”[Reading 2420-1]

Secondary to this is that the birthright of every soul is Free-Will. Without freewill the individual state of the Soul is moot, and we would be more like androids or the Borg (Star Trek: The Next Generation). To separate the self as a creative force is huge in the human scale of things, for we create very little in comparison – but, we do create. Thought itself is a creative operation, just as much as hate or love. It is this ideal that has the order of mankind in higher regard than any level of animal, mineral, or vegetable. Cayce put it like this: “However, be sure of this: no urge – whether astrological or earthly, or hereditary or environmental – surpasses the WILL! For with the WILL one makes one’s {own} environs.” [Reading 1113-1] In essence, no matter what other influence surrounds you; you are your own master. And then, quite unexpectedly, Karmic weight begins to apply here.

The level of ‘tension’ derived between the formula cast, or Calculative Matrix, and the way the variables are placed into the cast, through the individualistic Calculative Array, creates a level of causality for the entity. Scripturally, this is expressed in Matthew 7:2, that states ‘with what ye mete, it shall be measured to you again’. The opportunity to determine or ‘self-compute’ what quantifies the variables of the Array – that in turn adjust the outcome of the Matrix computation – is open to Soulful influences. This is the Free-Will Principle that endorses the co-creative nature of the Soul in driving universal forces. The cumulative ‘tension’ that this generates is one of the inherent agents to why Sin is allowed and why so many personal choices explode during ones physical experiences. Until the equilibrium of divine-force and self-force is balanced, and then harmonized to divine influences, the causality of experience is under rebellion, the very nature of Sin itself. The actually term for ‘sin’, mentioned some 500 times in scripture, is rooted in châţâ (khaw-taw: Hebrew; to forfeit, lack, expiate), that defines the “missing the mark” state reflected between divine and personalized choice. Thus, the battle for the Soul rages on, confused by its own creative natures.

As mentioned before, the Yechida (Divine Spark), the closest Soul aspect to the Source of Creation, binds the spirit to flesh, invigorating the Soul as a conscious force set within Creation, infused in the ‘holographic’ film itself. As such, the Chayah level of soul, that communicates with all other souls – the unbroken ‘holographic’ conscious connection – is managed by divine ordinance and engraves the Calculative Matrix, placing a ‘destiny’ that the Soul is seeking. Both of these Soulful forces are without direct association to the physical body, until the Neshamah, or ‘breath’ resides within the body, initiating an etheric connection of divine/individual consciousness.

The Neshama imparts an individual disposition, based on the variables of individual choices made before entering a physical interpretation of the Matrix/Array, in which case, one brings their own ‘fate’ with them. The Neshama implements a freedom of ‘movement’ to leave or return; bound in the divine nature of what is often called the Holy Spirit, a connective force of the higher levels of Soul. It is the origin of subtler forces or function of individualistic human perception; including precognition, déjà-vu, intuition or instinct, prophetic and instructive dream. The Ruach regularly ‘goes up and down’ [Ecclesiastes 3:19-22 (v.21)], and remains active in the celestial realms. By this, the ‘upper soul’ is preserved through the Neshama while the ‘lower soul’ is preserved by the Ruach, that resides in the body, implementing a freedom of ‘movement’ bound to the Neshama; binding the Neshama and the Nefesh. This is the divine conduit of prayer and meditation that allows personal communication between physical and spiritual forces.

The Nefesh, or ‘divine breath’, resides in the body, bound to it by intrinsic design as the animating force of flesh. It is inclined to confusion, the level of divine ‘tension’ that stimulates Sin – a dualistic misfortune of the creative process that is elevated in the Neshama. Even though we are inclined to believe ‘accidents’ never happen, it is the ‘fateful’ nature of free-will that does indeed allow accidents to occur. The very definition of ‘coincidence’, that so many over mystified spiritualist believe is without causality, enforces the ‘accidental’ nature of universal forces – they are one in the same level of force bred in soulful experience. This aspect of the soul is dominated by middot (emotions) rather than by sechel (intellect), yet serves as the necessary keystone for all other higher levels of soul; bound to the Ruach. The Nefesh animates the body, as the vital source of natural feelings, physical drives and cravings, the expressive base of intelligence acquired by instinct, sensory data, memory, and the genetic information stored for the physical body. [G. Samuel; 2007] It forms the energetic template that the body will grow and adapt to, with barely any direct influence over the human brain or ‘thought code’. This is the communication conduit between the divine-soul and the physical-soul, remaining in the body, purifying it for three days after physical death – somewhat defining the 21 grams of weight that will disperse from the body in death by departing from the body.

The tandem nature of the ‘lower soul’, defined in Ruach and Nefesh, and the ‘upper soul’ defined in Neshama, is allowed to co-write the Calculative Array through the personal conscious of Neshama, where the unfolding experiences of the Ruach and Nefesh will endure and continue to alter the variables of the Calculative Matrix. Considering the Edgar Cayce readings, “…there was breathed into man the soul. Biologically, man makes himself as an animal of the physical; with the desires that are as the instinct in animal…” [Reading 262-63] In another circumstance, “God breathed into man the breath of life and he became a living soul…with the first breath of the infant there comes into being in the flesh a Soul – that has been attracted…by all the influences and activities that have gone to make up the process through the period of gestation…” [Reading 281-53]

The very nature of the Calculative Array is viewed here in a critical way, noting that there is a ‘process’ that drives the intrinsic nature of every entity that enters physicality -where it ushers itself inward by creative delineation – as an individual conscious being. Our divine separation may appear as an illusion of ‘entering’ but, the hidden reality of this is an egocentric aspect of a divine prerequisite defined in the Calculative Matrix. There is a ‘reflection’ in the conscious mirror that assembles the two forms; formula to variable and variable to formula. In Proverbs 27:17-22 (v.19), the ‘water face’ that mirrors the ‘face’ is the reflective nature set between the formulated Matrix and its variable Array. Cayce illustrates, “Doubt not self, nor the self’s abilities, for in doing {so} does strength come. Keep that consciousness that answers to self, as face answers to face in the water {mirror}, and this will bring the answer in self…{that} the Spirit of the Creative Forces bears witness with thine own spirit.” Note then, that Creation reflects the Creator – through man; the ‘likeness’.

“Precept upon precept, precept upon precept, line upon line, line upon line, here a little, there a little; that they may go and fall backward, and be broken, and snared, and taken.” The requirement of Reincarnation found in all this is presented in Isaiah 28:9-13 – “that they may go, and fall backward” – where the process incorporated by its measure is only as relative as one would give credence to it, noting the perpetual cycle of ‘going’ and ‘falling backward’ within the divine configuration. The variable array struck into the divine matrix both influences and follows its own measure. Cayce then states, “…the soul grows upon what it is fed. The soul of man is the greatest…of all creation, for it may be one with the Father. Little by little, line upon line, here a little, there a little – these are the manners {protocol} of growth…not only one with Him, but individual in self! Not the whole, but equal with the whole…ye are not aliens…but sons of the Holy One.” [Reading 262-24] The formula precepts of the Calculative Matrix desire to harmonize the variable lines of the Calculative Array, where growth redefines both Spirit and Soul.

In I Corinthians 15:35-50 (v. 37-38) the nature of the ‘resurrected’, or re-incarnated body, is defined in the First to Last Adam (v. 45-46), where Cayce states, “{ye must} learn obedience through the things that ye suffer. For ye having partaken of sin – not in Adam, but as Adam – must {now} as the new Adam learn that God is merciful, is love, is justice, is patient, is the Law. And the Law is Love, and the law is God…that ye give to others, that ye {will} have; that {which} ye have spent ye never have; that {which} ye would save, you have already lost.” [Reading 262-100] Eventually, what one holds onto will be taken away, just as much as what one gives away will be returned to them.

Reincarnation is then a course of divine providence and divine acceptance, where Self-Will is not to be ‘broken’ or meant to become destitute as much as the cycle of return is to retract and harmonize what has been lost from the beginning. However, it has to be by ‘willful’ acknowledgement that such divine and individual cycles are rendered complete, reflecting the last words of The Master at his crucifixion; it is finished. Thus, the intricacies of calculating the structure of the Reincarnation Equation are not as important as the outcome or determination of one’s own Destiny or Fate.

Unfolding becomes unification when the spiritual path is brought back to its origins. In this way, there is no need to break the Wheel of Rebirth, but to embrace it. Knowledge in and of itself is nothing, yet through patience does understanding come. Where the stream rises up through the ground and flows into a great river, approaching the open sea by self-will and not necessity, the observance of the Tao of I is satisfied, and true equilibrium is found. If the true disposition of the Calculative Matrix was meant to be known, then the tenets of the Calculative Array would become impotent, and the extension of creation itself would prove worthless. Let it then be said – that if there is no transgression to commit, then no lesson can be learned – and we are without purpose. Thus, even as in the Lord’s Prayer, we can only be forgiven in the same manner we forgive others; even as we would forgive ourselves.


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