Time In A Bottle

The diverse intricacies of the Calculative Matrix and Array, initiated and determined by divine and individual influences, are one of great metaphysical principle. Although one may understand that all of creation is a ‘reflection’ of divine order, the causality inherent in that energetic wave of possibilities is imperceptible and ambiguous. Even modern physics attempting to formulate a viable picture of universal structure is an ongoing process of ideals and one-sided perception. We remain fixed in our position as the observer, barely capable of shattering the energetic code of the Self, let alone – the universe. And what would one do to even have a glimpse of such majesty?

The relative mechanism of Reincarnation is an issue argued between religion, science, and philosophy – the very aspects of human diversity that we count on to define our sense of being. To have such argument between ourselves is a stumbling-block to all of humanity and will remain such until the moment in time that the spaces between us become immaterial. The principles of religion and science have yet to realize their common ground, where both are equal in their attempt to observe a universe that is just as inward as it is outward – for the God that created them is One in the same. Philosophy, in its futile attempt to merge religion and science, has so many ages to progress through that we will ultimately forget where we have come from as we eventually reach where we meant to be. One must therefore forget to seemingly remember. This is the hidden flaw to soulful memory that tends to blind us when we enter into physicality, over and over again.

The esteemed aspects of metaphysics may never offer absolutes for such a creature as man to consider, anymore than the Kabbalah or other global philosophies. Philosophy is allowed the ‘right of way’ in how it frees the individualistic mind from the critical states of religion and science, allowing the internal mechanisms of the Soul to examine and define the external mechanisms of Divine Configuration. It has taken thousands of years for man to rise from the nightmare of ancient crucifixion, yet the wary slaughter of others for their religious and scientific ideals continues in this moment, and into the dawn of our future. The ideals presented herein are far from absolute or unsubstantiated as the very course of history and human aspiration seek ways to persevere under the most basic of questions; Who and where am I?

The constant rise and fall of civilizations define this voice and its echo in so many ways. If one contemplates the relationships presented in reincarnation hard enough they will eventually come to realize that the very course of human history reflects the consistent nature of reincarnation. In the same light of “as above – so below, as without – so within”, the most dynamic principle of metaphysics itself, is founded in the individual reflection of the internal in how it unfolds in the global reflection of the external. Entire civilizations have flourished and then faded due to the reincarnation cycle of inherent Souls bound to the machinations of every society that has ever existed, drawing out souls of similar karmic reaction into earthly conditions that advance or regress by sheer consequence, and coincidence. From the age of Adamic Man to Mosaic and Abrahmic man, from Babylon to Egyptian to Hellenistic, from Asiatic to East Indian, to Aztec/Mayan and Incan, and into
the ages to come, every human civilization has reaped its fame through the cycles of Souls reincarnating into its semblance. And, as the incarnating cycle continues to wield the weapons and armor of humanistic ideals, history records its success and failures by human endeavor – and the cycle continues to perpetuate its self.

The question then needs to change from – who and where am I – to how and when shall I become fulfilled? The need must rise above the want. Modern man remains lost in
its own confusion, simply because the effort required to rise from the conscious abyss seems too overwhelming. What then, has been forgotten? The past efforts of our ancestors never suffered the weight of technology as modern man has. It is a weight of untold proportion, akin to the fish in the fish-tank or the bird in the cage that is restrained by its captors. In the case of humanity, there is no captor other than the Self, restrained by egocentric processes that have historically proven their inability to free us of ourselves.

For the modern metaphysician, the quandary of the nightmare is in the ‘dreamer’ themselves; never waking, but always dreaming of its wishful ascension. In many ways, the terminology and catchphrases of the metaphysical world have forgotten the roots of its perception and produced a plethora of deceptions to replace it. It has always been the trap of humanity to engineer its own perceptions of the Divine, having never stopped long enough to truly understand the Divine. The Cycle of Reincarnation persists due to our own blindness that is professed as innocence, yet, remains a criminal state of mind to our own demise. Knowledge is only as good as the understanding of it. And wisdom – as a real, solid, perspective of knowledge – has become a fleeting ideal.

Our ‘para-psychological’ drifting has produced and offered a ‘doctor-feel-good’ environment that more so reflects the ‘personalized’ Master over the Divine Master and veritable metaphysics is left in its wake, consumed through one’s own ego. The later prophets of the Old Testament spoke in visions that today are considered apocalyptic than simple correction of thought, based only on the historical evidence of global decline in the civilized world in the aftermath of Christian proliferation. Although one could say apocalyptic creed and divine correction are one in the same, the difference still lies in its perception and acceptance of being purposeful. The difference is also one that remains set into history because one or the other is ignored; where prophetic vision solidifies in the very actions of an ignorant and objectionable humanity. As such, the construct of the divine Calculative Matrix that defines humanity is left to burn under the indecisive activity of the Calculative Array written by humanity. Similar to the internal fire stretching out through the windows of a burning home, the Array sets the Matrix ablaze – and chaos ensues. And we are the architect of our own fire.

Hope remains strong and self-determination will eventually prevail, as the divine ‘magneto’ of Creation is the ultimate matrix-formula of a divine Creator. Where the true Metaphysician/Initiate willfully chooses to define their principles by divine-will, rather than self-will, society may attain a point of perspective that redirects the flow of negating energy that damages our words by our actions. The verity of this should be noted in this study itself, where it has been attempted to present documented evidence and insight regarding the viable aspects of human condition. Opinions are only as relative as the demonstration of their pretext, where the evidence offered is not a personal opinion, but one of credible experience.

Free-Will is the most powerful force ‘within’ creation. It has been by Divine Will that creation is instituted, and it must be through personal, self-will that it is fulfilled. Regardless of atheistic or believing spirits, biblical premise is not religion, science or philosophy alone – it’s simply common sense. The social ideals of reincarnation are critical in how they formulate and perceive Self-Will, for the will is vital in how the variables of one’s Calculative Array is written. It would be better to seek the greater perception of the Calculative Matrix to add ‘correction’ to our lives, rather than to invite the disorder of apocalyptic measure into the individual and global array. By ‘common sense’ alone, ask any mathematician, the rulings of the formula are only as powerful as the greatest common denominator and the effects of its variant numerators. So, where does one place common sense?

Making choices of this order have never been easy, for it asks much of us. And yet, was it not the very choice of divine order that gave the Soul the ability to exist? Where then, is our personal reverence, and hopefully – divine wisdom – in our individual lives? What the microcosm breeds, the macrocosm reflects. What humanity strives towards, the universe manifests. “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth.”; this one verse is quoted over 600 times in the Edgar Cayce Readings, noting the way it also states the need to “show thyself approved unto thy own ideal.” [II Timothy 2:14-26 (v.15, 24-25)] Correction embeds the necessity of Reincarnation, for without it we are as vessels without stars to guide us in the night. The ‘light’ of the body and mind are burning brighter than ever before, especially when the future of humanity is in our hands – as it has always been.

Understanding reincarnation at the simplistic level is a perspective far beyond the normal range of human experience. It opens the mind to possibilities that are commonly left to myth and magic, even though the very act of Creation itself is derived from such ideology. This examination remains an introduction to those ideals, recognizing that the human mind is only prepared to visualize certain concepts when so many other facets of thought are in place – knowing the road is perilous and wrought with transformation. It is the commission of Change that motivates humanity towards great things, for if accepted, the Soul is allowed to conceive on its own and the continuance of experience is certain.

It is the fusion of humanistic perception that endorses understanding, where the separation of theology, philosophy and science – the very quintessence of metaphysics – must be allowed to season and ferment the sacred and secular worlds into a single medicine for the heart and mind. To blend the precepts of every human action into a cordial source, to partake of its flavorings – the bitter and the sweet – is the only true path to synchronization. Where Christianity can be said to merge every world religion, why do we continue to resist its communal foundation? Mankind continues to fear its own destiny as much as it doubts its own fate. It has no comprehension of its future blessings while it suppresses its past misgivings, and so the insightfulness of the divine remains concealed until the path and its voyager become as one.

The blending of ancient wisdom, if one can make such a claim, is gradually revealing itself once again. The mystical nature of eastern contemplation wants to reclaim its own landmark in western reflection; still apprehensive of the dreamer’s ability to find their way through the darkness. True vision depends on the nightmare, lest the truth of its implication be lost in the confusion such that humanity only rises from the dust when the battle seems all but lost, rising as the phoenix from its own demise. As such, the germane visionary ramblings of the past yearn to become the succinct focus of modern prophecy, and humanity is trying to rise from the sands of time.


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