Divine Energy Signatures

Our first look into sacred forms, such as in circular or linear shapes, has always been a topic of unique debate. However, strong mathematical relationships that have been historically noted to dwell within sacred forms, such as Pythagrian and Platonic relationships, we come to realize the uniqueness of creation and all that would extend within its beauty. We consider the ideal of God as a designer (by thought), architect (by speech) and engineer (by action) of all things, such that physical manifestations collapse backward into spiritual manifestations, and beyond that threshold is the absolute and superlative essence of the Creator. And then we continue the ideal by stating that ‘things’ express life, through human intent and manifestations of concepts and invention. As the path grows we find that nature and the cosmos above already express this same force of life and that the human ability to view these states is the sole reason for our brain to conceptualize in like manner. In this way, co-creation is more than just an ideal — it is a reality that states that creation constantly expresses itself in form and force through itself, as if the very action of creation persists by it own hand. How then, can we ever assume anything ends? As long as there is the expression of Life, creation is occurring.

Divine discretion is not lessened in its scale or fashion of form. It is consistent in balance and harmony, imbalance and dissonancy, and contains every facet of the enigmatic Coin of Creation. The intention of the Coin is present all possibilities simultaneously, such that there is no intemperance or deficiency in Creation, and that the matrix of it remains imbued by the Divine. It is that I present the question; how many sides are there to a circle? Many times the response is something like 360, retrospect of each point or degree of it circumference, or 1, as it is viewed as a single object infused only by its own essence. Still, there is a trick up my sleeve since the geometries of it can be reduced to its simplest state in the answer; three. In this definition, remember I asked for its ‘sides’, as there is the inside, the outside, and the circle itself. Here is the same idealism shared in binary codes that reference only the ‘one’ and ‘zero’. For the circle is actually more, with the capacity to respond in yes, no and maybe; thus, it reflects the essences of Spirit, Soul, and Flesh, defined further in ‘Force’, ‘Psyche’, and ‘Substance’. This representation then initiates the creative process, where the Circle is consistent with the Point, and the enigmatic release of the First Cause is manifested; as the ‘point’ explodes into the ‘circle’. This is defined more in the study given on Creation and the Human Soul, but we shall move on in how geometric forms reflect this fundamental, divine nature.

Cause and Effect endure then as the ‘root’ energy of expression and extension, and by this we conclude that everything that exists can easily be simplified to have come from a singularity of thought; in much less than a cosmic second. And then from this ‘divine’ moment, as a single ‘divine utterance’, everything that has ever occurred, is occurring, or ever will occur, is being bred from this singularity of expression as it motivates, produces, and reinforces all the realms of existence. Thus, the containment of ALL things was given in a profound and immeasurable expression of energy and force that was, and still is, being released when called upon. This is the truth of God and Man, as creator and co-creator, that the second essence is drawn completely form the first essence, and there is no intemperance or deficiency in the fullness of creation that can’t be said to be producing a single manifested cycle that perpetually divides into lesser cycles that serves only the highest quantity and quality of divine attraction.

Here is the enigmatic reversal to our usual sense of being, where what rises must fall – yet we have ‘fallen’ and have yet to ‘rise’. This is not so much anything like ascension, as that would imply we are moving towards a state of being we have never experienced before, for we have been in the Divine Aspect before, fallen from it, and seek to ‘return’. So our experience within creation is designed mores so to experience an ’reawakening’ to the divine, for we not without anything we had before. We just have to learn our lessons in order to regain a true understanding of this predawn experience, and in that experience we find Knowledge and Wisdom, and awaken to ‘austere-self’ to the Divine-Self.

Cosmic and earthbound physical natures, minerals and plants, animal and human genetics, weather and planetary diversity, all seem to calculate the mysterious essence of the divine. In cosmic levels we find the forces mirrored in astral planes (ecliptic path and rotation) and stellar groupings (energy fields and gravitational collectives) that express how the dynamics of method and form decrease and increase in extent, from the microcosm to the macrocosm, and that there is no stone we cannot turn over without considering the mastery of the First Cause. This becomes explosive in our soulful mind as the human brain collapses at the earliest discernment of these things. We are minuscule enough to realize our physical insignificance as much as we are titan in our fantasies of existence. As it would seem, there is no end to the physical any more than there is to the spiritual. Yet we only now consider the purity of this ideal, and we are once again in the birth-pangs of our own awakening.

We are nothing, and we are everything…. What shall we do then?

Sacred Geometry then is only the ‘reflection’ of these things presented in forms that the ‘brain’ can recognize, calculate and illuminate as divine echoes residing in the same cosmic field that we reside in with it, for we are walking hand in hand towards the same sanctuary. We access it through number and music, words and diagram, form of body (dance) and mind (meditation), as we are the architect of our world, but it is the landscape that we build on. We build massive edifices and monolithic structures, using the very medium of the physical world, utilizing water, stone, wood, and metals. And this has been done not only to express the ancient world into the present but to predict our own hand in creation. It is the human form of the sacred opus extracting energy from the cosmic essence so as to instill it in physical manifestation. For it would seem that God placed himself into the Divine-Self, as Man, just so He/She could continue to do so by the same hand of it over and over, inwardly and outwardly, forever and a day. By this nature, every dream becomes reality — for it is no ‘illusion’ that creation expresses itself as itself, as it is very real, and very intent on being so. God is no illusion — and neither is his creation.

In this part of our study we will consider two things; the simplicity and the complexity of the Divine Energy Signatures. We will immediately note that the positive ‘side’ of the coin is mirrored in the negative ‘side’, and that the unification of force is the triadic ‘edge’ of the very same coin. For I speak in the same riddle of the coin, presenting the inside, the outside, and the circle-side itself, in what I call the Edge of Expression; the ‘shadowy’ essence of energy and force that only sacred forms can express. Still, the shadow world is not one of great mystery, even though mysteries are far from simple, or easy to define. Divine Light can be shed on either of the coin, but the edge itself is left in mystery and shadow, and even though the edge may seem thin, it is actually wider than the imagination can comprehend.

Before all this, we previously considered the primal forms of geometries, such as the point, the line, the squared-line (shaped like an “L”), the triangle, the square and rectangle, and certain other forms. But all of these designs are merely shadows of the larger, more exploded view of things. When we engage dimension we have to rise above the flat surface of the cosmic paper and take in the vast fields of spheres, polygons and the like. We even have to begin to allow ‘point of perspective’ in the relativity of our location and its effects on observing our field of imagery. This introduces spin and a multitude of rotations that include ‘face-on’, ‘top-down’ and ‘angled-facet’ of view. And suddenly, the world emerges into a symphony of perspectives that either enlightens or confuses the nature of our being. For we speak of energy and force; by the intent of evoking (calling to mind) and invoking (conjuring up) of it, and the action of casting (radiating/transmitting) and reception (response/receiving) of it. In this perception of energy, we recognize the level at which things function and conduct cause into effect; for this is the vitality of energies, when given motion (force) that becomes creation. And we have to realize that all forms of expression, such as with fabricated or enhanced extraction of ‘sacred’ forms, are just as alive as the form of creation that would induce them.

With that in mind, we can say that the absolute terms of mathematics and physics easily dictate the realm of energy and force – but we would be wrong in making such a simple and unassuming gesture. Yet, by what is known and what is unknown will there always be a door left wide open to initiate the future. For what is the future, but the constant to erratic limit of probability and transformation engaging motion and distance in what we calculate as ‘time’, even though we seem to accept the non-existence of time. Regardless of whether you go forward or backwards, up or down, left or right, north, south, east or west, whether spinning or static, curling or straight, exploding or imploding, one just can’t register all the implications; nor can we imagine all there is to see.

To enter this realm of uncertainty we have to embrace our cosmic side more than our physical side, or as such, allow the internal to override the external. We have to set standards whether we like them or not. But standards don’t ask for much more than just basic definition of terms and purpose. In some ways, we just require a scale that we can delineate from in order for the internal to ‘speak’ to the external. This requires a few things of us, such that we have to let go of certain preconceived ideals – generally found in physical definitions – in order to allow us to rationalize the ‘shadowy depth’ of the coin’s edge. And the territory of the ‘edge’ can be, and more than likely is, far more extensive than the inside/outside of the circle/coin. Still, we require a scale to measure its vastness so that we have flagstones to walk upon, and hopefully, a cane to balance us.

There are plenty of ‘mathematics’ to scale the so called physical side of our pathway, and it would require pages of repeated data to express most of it. The problem lies in the extent of numbers and tables, arrays and scaling, charts and diagrams that one can give to define any portion of the path. But without the visual, we have nothing but words, and they lack the most when it comes to describing the metaphysical. So you’ll have to pardon my use of such devices in order for me to delineate or define the ideals of the ‘ethereal’ fields that I sense about us. And hopefully, it won’t trip anyone on the way through the door. Many have tried to do this over the ages, and I guess – I’m no better than tempting a Fool’s Errand to do so once more.

We’ll begin with setting a standard code of forms, of which eight basic geometric ‘stars’ will serve. These will actually be the conduit that symbolizes the field(s) of energy wave that extends from a minimal core and moves towards a maximal edge, and then ‘echoes’ through the medial partitions that border the territory between the ‘opening’ of a path and its ‘closing’ signature. Now this sounds strange but if you understand what a ‘torus’ is and how it influences energy (acting as an accelerator) then we move on. This would be very similar to taking a metal ‘slinky’, one of those 1960’s children toys, and winding it around in a circle to meet both ends at a common point. By definition, the Torus is ‘a doughnut shaped surface generated by a circle rotated about an axis in its plane that does not intersect the circle itself’. (Webster) We’ll view this object of force as being set upright, vertically through the ‘etheric’ body field as well as through geometric forms. In essence, it will represent the flow of energy that vitalizes and sustains matter in spirit and substance, and we will utilize a numerical range to define the field. In this, there is no clockwise or counter-clockwise sense of motion, as all motion is simply the exchange of position(s) implied in energized states.

By examining what I call The Diatonic Paths of these forms, of which there are eight, thus the term ‘diatonic’, we will observe the course of energy fields as they may relate to ‘objects’ before we move on to more substantial designs that are found in the human form. The paths begin from a three sided form that is doubled and inverted, commonly referred to as the Merkavah Center, or Natural Physical Field of the etheric body. In esoteric schools, this is called the Seal of Solomon, or Star of David, that is seated in the ‘solar-plexus’ chamber of the human body as it generates extended fields of spirit and external oscillating fields of cosmic energy into and throughout the body. For many, this can be related to the Coiled Serpent nature, as the ‘pranic’ field commonly referred to as ‘kundalini’. There is a perpetual exchange between the Mind, the Soul, the Body, and the extreme incalculable depth of external fields of energy. We are likened to the physically bound fish in a cosmically boundless fishbowl, such that all the edges of these fields share common ground, and no more near each other than they are distant from each other. But we are not yet charting the human form, as we begin with just the star form as it is symbolized in the inverted triangle.

Viewing the Diatonic Paths we define the system employed to standardize it. For the 3-sided star we first double it and invert it to itself, turning it 180 degrees of itself and centering it. This is the first line of the chart where it states “3 Sided x2”. The next line calculates the number of outside vertices, or points, that the form contains; in this case 6 (2×3). From each vertex point we calculate the number of paths, and we set 3 Nodes to each in this form. This calculates to a total of 18 Paths, extended from a 60 degree arc set when we rotated the form and group it. Next we calculate an implied rate of energy based in the station of the form, or 1st Root, setting the variable of “N” as equal to 1, or the Divine Whole. We then add the base element of this form, which is 0, to the equation, resulting as N+0 or 1 (1+0). When we determine the Key for this form it results in 60, set by the degree of arc between vertex points multiplied to the ‘energy’ rate (60×1). Now we multiply the results of Energy and the Key and get 6×60, resulting in 360, indicating the maximal ‘output’ rate of the form. This term of 360 not only includes the entire circle of the field but also numerically states that the form is ‘filled’ by an energized sphere of influence that we will refer to as being 360 quanta, or as having a ‘magnitude’ of 360 within this form.

As we move on to the next station, from 3-sided to 4-sided, we again double and rotate the form producing 8 vertices, set to 5 nodes each, resulting in 40 paths, or Ley Lines (a term given to any directional flow of energy). This in like manner gives us the Energy equation of N+1(1), as we now level up the station of the form (from 0 to 1 or 3-sided to 4-sided) resulting in 1+1(1), or 2. This then sets the Key as 45, or the degree of arc set in the form arranged from vertices to vertices) multiplied by the energy rate, as 2, giving us the output/magnitude of the form as being 90.

As this is done with each form, rising from first station (3-sided) to eighth station (10-sided) we begin to observe the course of rising field energies as they are set by these forms. And each of these forms, up to the rate of ten, set to denote cosmic ‘completeness’, reveals an interesting rate of quanta, or magnitude of energized field set by the Paths. First we find that the quanta of the 3-sided field is set to 60, then the following fields run to 90, 216, 360, 514 (approximately as it stems from a fractional variable of 25.7 degrees of arc), 675, 840, and 1008. This signifies the constant compounding element found in each field, as the number of energized paths rises. The odd thing here is that one would assume the field to merely double with each station, as we count from 3 to 10-sided features, we constantly only add 1 and double it in each field – but – the end result does not match our assumption. From first station to second we note that 90 is not the Key root-60 being doubled. The only place we see this is in the 4th station where we have a 6-sided field with a matching field of 360 in its Key equal to the ‘output/magnitude’ of the 3-sided form, suggesting a direct correlation between these fields; such that one is the exact double of the other – BUT – this is not true for the 8-sided Key (675) to the 4-sided ‘magnitude’ (8×90=720) form.

We note that the level of energy exponentially heightened once we left the originating root form, as this system relates to how the 3 to 6-sided forms are set in the physical essences, and when we approach the greater fields of 7-sided, and in moving on we leave the fields of Matter and enter the purer essences of the Spiritual; where our physical bodies would burn away at the very thought of standing in their presence. And much of the sacred energy fields greatly altered us at the 3rd Station of the 5-sided form that is the comprehensive signature of Man. And even at the 4th station, of the 6-sided form, did we find all organic natures are ‘pealing’ away, and we are already suspended between having a physical presence that would enter the unknown ‘superior’ fields of the human-light structure. For on the 7th station we thus enter the Angelic Stream, and flesh cannot endure such levels of essence. At the moment, the angelic natures can approach into the physical, but the physical natures cannot approach the angelic; at least not at this stage of the so called metaphysical game.

What this chart attempts to express is the fact that energy rises exponentially in such a way as to actually ‘shield’ one field of itself from ever overtly being influenced by the other, and we have to accept the idea that the physical fields, that we as humans can influence, are fixed in relative terms of design and position. And even at that rate, we are anticipating our innate ability to awaken to these states before we can rise, to whatever means, above them and simulate our power as co-creators within Creation. Like form is the only essence that can influence ‘like form’, and only Man was conceived in a ‘likeness’ to the creative form. However, our current human field can only rise to the ‘shadowy’ edge of the angelic circle, to ‘coin’ a phrase. And how does this have anything to do with Sacred Geometry? Well, it took sacred geometry to allow us to express it! So you see, sacred geometry is not only an ancient science that allows us to evoke or influence fields of manifestation, it also uniquely allows us to express the legend of creation in facets of that expression. What our brain cannot visualize must be drawn by the Soul in order to understand it.

Thus, it is more than a unique purpose of design by an all-knowing Creator to instill part of the Divine-Self into the precious jewel of creation to be had; the Ace of Humankind experiencing the creative expression firsthand. Our next gambit is to delineate the so called ‘human field’. First, make note of how the borderland of the Diatonic Paths lies exactly at a halfway point in the chart, such that the 4th Station, the 6-sided field, is exactly half of the 8 stations that express ‘completeness’, set in the 10-sided field. This shouldn’t be surprising though, as the cosmic and astral fields that we view every day are only one side of the Heavenly Circle, the ‘outside’, and the Supernal Angelic that stem from the 5th station to the outer edge of the internal Superlative 10th gate are the alternate side of the circle, as the ‘inside’. So, what resides within the enigmatic third-side, or third-state of the Circle? That is the ever shadowy Cosmic Mirror that is ‘reflecting’ both territories. In most esoteric schools it is called The Path of Ascension, the Middle Way, although I prefer to call it our ‘awakening’.

Still, in order to leave this so called Cosmic Realm, to pass through the Supernal Realm, to attain such ideals that lie in waiting for us at the Superlative Edge of existence, we must journey along the Sacred Middle Road. And for most of us, this road is very difficult to find, let alone access or influence. It would more so find us, to access and influence us, but one must prepare and clear a way for it to find us. In many sacred circles this involves ritual practices and intricate meditative standards that are mentioned in ancient customs and ideals. This falls in categories such as the Kabbalah, The Tao and I-Ching, Mid-Eastern, European, Africanus and Islandic rites of passage, and even sacred American ideals long set by native and tribal people from Canadato Peru. As the illustrative mannerisms can be drawn from so many sources the Acute Path of Awakening remains, to use the Christian phrase, ‘narrow’, and walking upon it requires a perceptive and erudite mind that demands self-understanding of its accountability and responsibility to Creation.

The basic numbers that will be used in these systems carry some unique signatures of their own. At the very root of the physical scale, in both The Diatonic Paths and The Chakrian Scale, are the numbers 3, 4, 5, and 6 – as related to a perfect numerical progression with a difference of 1; the number of unity. Their product gives us the division of the circle into 360 degrees [3x4x5x6=360]. We may also note that 360 is divisible without any remainder by all nine numbers except seven, where 7 is the number of spiritual perfection, thus creating a ‘veil’ of numbering that lies below it [6 to 3] that is firmly set into all things cosmic and human. No one knows why 360 should determine the Great Circle of Heaven, as it appears to be arbitrary. Nonetheless, it establishes the Zodiacal, Prophetic, and Biblical year of 360 days, as it was given to Noah and then employed by the Babylonians and Egyptians. It is the multiplication of seven great Zodiacal circles/years that gives us the number of chronological perfection (360×7=2520).

This is quite unique, for this number (2520) reveals specific information; (1) it is the summary of all primary rectilinear forms; (2) it is the product of the four great numbers of completion and perfection [3x7x10x12=2520]; (3) it is the Least Common Multiple (LCM) of all the ten numbers from which our system of notation is derived – for the LCM of 1 through 10 is 2520. Lastly, in the musical scale, we will eventually find that 7 and 11 are the expression of the seven primary notes (notes considered before a complete octave) and the 11 semitones set between them. The numbers 7 and 11 are not found so much in the human system as 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10 will be – as 7 enters a diatonic path that enters the Angelic Realm and 11 relates to things beyond the base 10 scale, even though the number 12 will prove to be an exception. More on these differences will be examined in other parts of our studies. For now, both the Diatonic Paths and Chakrian Scale will be rooted in the first twelve numbers, except for 7 and 11.

In our journey the following scales will imply relationships to the state of energy and form. [1] Is the state of Unity, viewed as sufficiency and sovereignty. [2] Implies ‘another’, where 1 affirms there is no other. This difference can be for good or evil – hence the number itself is two-fold in its natures. It is the first number to offer division, and therefore relates the ideal of difference. [3] As two symbolizes the square, or plane of content (x2), so three symbolizes the cube, or solid content (x3). Three therefore relates to that which is solid, real, substantial, complete, and entire. Multiples of this follow in similar relationships; 3 is Divine perfection, 7 is Spiritual perfection, 10 is Ordinal perfection, and 12 is Governmental perfection; as these step up to 3×3=9, 3×7=21, 3×10=30, and 3×12=36. We will note these sums in latter studies. [4] Is the number given to ‘great works’. This relates to four elements [earth/water/air/fire], four earth regions [east/north/south/west], four divisions of time [morning/afternoon/evening/midnight], four seasons [spring/summer/fall/winter], four variations of lunar phases; all of which define physical completeness, as it is the resonant double of two, thus the first non-prime number. [5] Signifies ‘divine strength’, as in divine favor, or grace. The gematria of the word ‘earth’ (Ha-Eretz) is 296, a multiple of four (4×74), while the word for ‘heaven’ (Ha-shemayeem) is 395, a multiple of five (5×79). The consequence of “The Fall” came under the curse and was ‘made subject to vanity, therefore man and creation must be redeemed. Thus we have; Father, Son, Spirit, Creation, Redemption; these are the five great mysteries, and five is therefore the number set to Grace. [6] Six is either 4+2, as with the world of man (4) with enmity to God (2); or it is 5+1, the grace of God with none effect by man’s addition to it, as in its perversion or corruption of it; or it is 7-1=6, as man’s coming short of spiritual perfection. In all cases, the relationship is given to Man, as the number of imperfection, as being ‘without’ or ’outside of’ God. Man is then ultimately created in the sixth day. [7] Is the number of ‘spiritual perfection’, and only has uses when applied to other numbers, such as eleven in music. It occurs 287 times in the Old Testament (7×41). The ‘seventh of’ is found 98 times (7×14), and ‘seven-fold’ occurs 7 times. As all of these are multiples of seven itself (41, 14, and 7) they remain a mystery in a multitude of applications. [8] This number is detailed later. [9] Is very unique in esoteric studies, as it is the last of the single digits and signifies closure, or conclusion. It is paralleled to the number 6, it being the sum of its factors (3×3=9 and 3+3=6) and is significant to the ‘end of man’. Nine is therefore the number set to finality and judgment. [10] Is the number given to ‘divine perfection’ as the perfection of Divine Order, commencing as it does a new set of numbering having two digits or more. Completeness of order, marking the entire ‘round/cycle’ of anything is seen in the significance of ten. It implies that nothing is left wanting; that the number and order of it are perfect; that the cycle is complete. [E.W. Bullinger: Number in Scripture]


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