Cosmic Order

We have come across territory that has included spaces that the brain can’t envision and our senses can’t recognize, as the landscape of those realms is not anything typical. What is typical is what one can relate through the senses, even though the senses themselves are drawn from emotions and logic that has very little to do with ‘making sense’. We’ve come from the outlands of Creation, defining edges that are boundless and without form, into the interior of Creation, becoming lost in realms that are ethereal and corporeal; the difference between what I call ‘unseen’ and ‘in-seen’, as unfolding and in-folding. As conflicting as these nature are, even though they share the One as a very strong common foundation, remain the practical and reflexive signatures in what creates the natural that ‘reflects’ the supernatural – and, even theses are drawn from a common source since the supernatural has yet to be given to us. I say ‘yet to be given’ because creation is unfolding in stages, and we have only come so far through its guises. What we perceive in the ‘here and now’ is merely trying to catch up to a level of force that has already transpired. In this portion of our study I offer even more terms to consider, as they have already been used, but, require a little more definition. These are: Spirit, Soul and Flesh. We have to consider the so called ‘speed’ that these forces move, motivate and manifest creation. So, this chapter will at first seem a bit roundabout but, the resulting insight may prove worthwhile.

The first essence, Spirit, is moving at untold speeds, way above Einstein’s notion of ‘light-speed’, such that what we see as light is nothing similar to Divine Light. The speed of light in a vacuum is an important physical constant denoted by the letter c for constant (Latin: celeritas), meaning “swiftness”. It is the speed of all electromagnetic radiation in a vacuum, not just visible light. In metric units, c is exactly 299,792,458 meters per second (1,079,252,848.8 km/h). This impressive speed is a definition, not an exact measurement, since the fundamental SI unit of length, the meter (British: metres), has been defined since October 21, 1983, in terms of the speed of light: one meter is the distance light travels in a vacuum, in 1/299,792,458 of a second. Converted to Imperial Units, the speed of light is approximately 186,282.397 miles per second, or 670,616,629.384 miles per hour, or almost one foot per nanosecond.

However, the speed of light is moot when compared to what we mentioned earlier, where physics speaks in terms of ‘non-locality’, that allows communication across unfathomable distances in less than the blink of an eye, far above the ideal speed of visible light. In essence our physical senses relate to the nominal level of reason, that portions of light are visible and can be harnessed and utilized, thus – the light bulb. By definition, this is light that is induced by human conditions being employed, and we ‘caged’ the forces. Divine Light, on the other hand, is not a force that need respect human ideals as it ‘harnesses’ us more than we know or realize. Even the visible wave of light that we view is a mere fraction of the fullness found in divine light. More so, in getting back to the Spiritual essence, we have to consider this state of being as far beyond anything technological or fashioned by man, for we are a much ‘slower’ manifestation of it. Where Spirit is traveling – or has traversed distances uncharted – it has reached its goal at the cosmic edge, or divine boundaries of creation – anticipating the arrival of its Supernal counterpart; the Human Soul. Still, we don’t know if that ‘cosmic edge’ can even physically be found by us now or in the future. The physical side of man will have to reach its desired goal, and maybe in that Day we will have attained our ‘awakening’.

The second force is the Soul, which we just discussed in the last chapter. For the most part, this unique divine force is unlike any other and it runs a course that, as we delve further, will prove to be the ‘marshaling’ agent of creation that is attempting to fulfill a destiny. We will define this agent further in the next chapter, but for now, let’s say it’s the drone of the beehive – that is itself a hexagonal diversity that reflects the soulful course of incarnation. Short of ideals that some may have pondered in movies like “The Matrix” [Warner Bros.] is a Hollywood sideshow of a battle between ‘good and evil’ that is expressed in human terms, as it was more so our own devices that cursed us. And although the same principles have unfolded in Divine Creation, it is far from our own intent that we are as we are. We are divinely premeditated, and more so, divinely set apart from everything else Creation produced.

The third force if the Flesh, that is the slowest of all forces manifested by divine ordinance. In the race between forces, Spirit is finished, Soul is still battling the waves of causality, and Flesh is literally ‘burning’ in the divine and cosmic wake of Creation. The level(s) of Infinite Light that cultivates and nourishes the creative extension is a continuum of its own – similar to our view of radio and microwave we call Light. The macro/microwave spectrum of the physical universe seems plentiful in its own right, but in the spaces next to us, mere atoms from our body, is a level of existence that is far from organic, and very full. We may assume it only as we see it, with our earthly form being what it is – but, that’s just it – it’s earthly, and that’s all it is. The scale of our form is determined by factors that relate only to our present place and condition in what we call, the Solar System.

The ideal is organic enough; with one sun, several planets, and only one domain stable enough to support our physical ‘vessel’. And this seems so right, from our perspective, as we have gotten use to its cosmic design and our earthly destiny as being one of divine premise, religious ideal, and human social evolution. But, like “The Matrix”, have we become lost in some cosmic nightmare of epic proportion such that we are literally at the lowest point of the divine wheel; that our chore of ‘ascension’, for lack of better term – poor in ideal and even worse by definition – is weakening and close to fading completely? The question of difference in destiny and fate are not the issue here, as yet, even though the concepts of incarnation and reincarnation are beginning to force our minds to consider broader landscapes than before. For me, Destiny is that which is contracted or assigned to us by progression in space/time relationships that serve the Souls return. Fate, on the other hand, is what we ‘chose’ to do with those conditions when we encounter them in what we call reality, or physical existence. Destiny is therefore the Spiritual side of our mission, and Fate is ‘free-will’ in action against, in tandem, or without respect of the original choice or opportunity. Again, then Destiny is what the ‘universe’ offers or issues us to do, while Fate is our acceptance or rejection of those intents when we encounter them in Life. Destiny is a divine map, with fixed relationships, while Fate is our ability to go down whatever road we chose or make of it. In this light, we are able to alter, build, or destroy our spiritual and/or cosmic direction.

Our religious standards and our ‘New Age’ perceptions are losing ground to our sense of self-desire to ‘rise above’, and the constant declining state of world affairs is proving just that. This so called physical intent then is far from enlightened and the concept of our own ‘ascension’ is nowhere near completion; we are far from our soulful, end goal. The religious ideal is set in being ‘raptured’ and removed from the chaos of this world, and yet, the logic of it has absolutely no biblical veracity. The Rapture is an ideal manufactured by the human concept of a ‘re-appearing’, visible God1, not a consciousness set in play by God himself; it mistranslates and manipulates scripture. And the sense of ‘New Age’ romanticism is again lost in hopeless systems of belief that are ancient by design but fail in modern perspective as the world is far from what it was then, and still attempting to reach its intended aspiration. Religion focuses on the absolute logic of the Word, while New Age thinking focuses on the provisional emotive essence of ‘something’ – as most of these students have very little background in the Word at all, and it’s all made up as we go along, as long as ‘my intent’ is square with God; like WE can tell if that’s okay with God, and if not, we make it so for ourselves anyway, just so we can sell it and feel as if we function by it. So while the churches demand your attention, since they have all the answers, according to Hoyle (so it seems), the New Age presence seeks ways to substantiate itself with incense, candles, pendulums and Tarot cards – to assist your attention – as if these schools are able to speak the Word through some cosmic lens God hasn’t thought of. I’m not sure but, I feel like we’ve forgotten how to trust ourselves with our own God given abilities and insights – provided they are first drawn from His/Her Will, and not our own. We seem to assume God’s job, and feel vindicated in doing so.

For myself, there is nothing erroneous in either of these schools of thought but for the possibility that we’ve lost our sensibility, and most definitely our accountability to these things. There is nothing wrong per-se in any of these precepts, but we have to rebalance our sensibility in utilizing them for ourselves and others. Religion has become rooted in ‘icons’ and sacraments while the New Age thought is rooted in personalized ‘magic’ and self-aggrandizing ceremonies that conveniently fit human ideals, making our so called sense of ‘ascension’ what we make it to be rather than what and how the Word defines it; a very dangerous course of attitudes to adhere to. Yet, religious determination and new age contemplation need a sense of merger, just as in our realizations of science and faith. The cosmic fiber was designed with polarity and so must our greater vision of our intent, or none of us can be released from our earthbound thinking or cosmic captivity. We were fashioned in the same instance of Divine Time [Job 38:1-21], set apart in angelic realms [Job 38: 31-38], removed from a heavenly paradise into a physical garden [Job 40:6-14], and have been set in our ways ever since forgoing the truths held in scripture. The polarity of divine creation may sustain us, but we are detaching ourselves from truth more so in this day, even though so many believe they are out of here!! Polarity set a foundation for our beginning just as it will have to do once more if we are to end this cycle of degradation. Our Spiritual Fall didn’t happen just once or twice, it’s been going on since day one. And for our part, we are still in the process of Creation.

By the Seventh Day spoken of in scripture God ‘rested’, a statement that signifies His ability to recline, wait, and watch, as Creation continued on a course of unfolding – because Man, as a Soul entity, was placed at the helm. What would Man do, as he has been given the ability to decide and act upon his thoughts as he will, with or without spiritual forethought? All one has to do nowadays is take a journey out on any freeway and one can see what happens when so many do whatever they want to do while at the wheel. Regardless of the nature of the vehicle — a car, a mind, or a body — it doesn’t require much afterthought to realize that chaos runs rampant and every individual entity is left to defend for their own survival. Not very promising is it. And there is no Law that can produce change when no one recognize or respect that Law, divine or otherwise.

Now, what we want to ponder here is the course of creation when its dictates are in the hand of a creature designed within its own divine providence. This paradigm introduces the essence of Destiny and Fate, as the precepts of design. The Natures of the Kabbalah, that we use only due to its design being one of the oldest and most descript traditions, follow a course of destiny that setup the current extension of creation as we experience it today. The natures of the Ten Sefirot are drawn from scripture, notably Betzalel’s2 accounting in Exodus. They are mentioned as having several aspects, which the synonymous list includes: ma’amarot (sayings), shemot (names), orot (lights), kohot (powers), ketarim (crowns), middot (such as in qualities), madregot (stages), levushim (garments), marot (mirrors/lens), mekorot (sources), and yamin elyonim or yemei kedem (supernal/primordial days). Considering this list, one can sense the magnitude of creative design that is expressed in them. In the very first few chapters of Genesis these limits are relative to the cosmic blueprint; such as with vocalizations or utterances that induce creative action, the naming of celestial bodies, the spectral essence of Light, stages of creation being expressed in ‘days’, and the fact that each period extends from a previous level of divine force that is required before something else can be created or manifested in divine cosmic order. Following the significance of Cosmic Order defined by the Sefirot we find;

Keter/The Crown
Netzach/Divine Dominion
Yesod/Foundation, and ultimately —
Malkut/The Divine Kingdom

In the Upper Seal we find ‘divine’ platforms, the foundational Trunk of creation at the crest of the Tree of Life, as this expresses ‘divine roots’ falling or extending into the creative void. This includes The Crown, as the divine ‘ground’ (Perfect Earth) that the cosmic seed will sprout forth from. Wisdom is then as Air, as Understanding is Water. The ‘Da’at’, that is commonly not expressed, being only mentioned as the ‘hidden-heart’, expresses a level of Knowledge, as in the ‘realization’ of the previous expressions, the ‘furnace’, if you will, that binds all the essences of the Upper Seal. The metaphors are simplistic, but recognizing them isn’t always simple.

From this Creative Foundation, we then have Love that can be defined as ‘worship’ or ‘veneration’ that reacts as ‘reasoning’ or divine fidelity. Power is the expression of ‘force’ that is held in ‘authority’ or ‘intensity’, that is incidentally found in the Second Day of the Seven Rays; a level of separation occurs here, dividing the Light bound in Love, in the First Day of extension. We can combine these essences and refer to them as the cosmic ‘Big-Bang’ that physics attempts to define. Balance, is then the tertiary limit of the first and second day, and we have Waters (space as an ocean) and Land (solid formations of cosmic materials). This then is a previous level of ‘division’ being returned to ‘organization’, and the prior singularity now has two distinct wholes; the materialization of the stronger base elements. This is the establishment of resilient forms, such as vegetation and reproductive ‘seeds’, defining province and ‘territory’ in an sanctioned quality of existence. This is a ‘substrata’ of Life being formed from previously intangible essences.

The limits of Divine Dominion in the Fourth Day of Netzach cast a different level of the First Day’s essence that was the original force of Divine Light. Light had to first be divided from what was Absolute to what would become ‘less’ than absolute. Here then, ‘light’ is referred to by the division of day from night, dictated by cosmic ‘luminaries’. This Dominion is divine in the sense of a cosmic landscape that was formed in the extension of the second day, or second ‘act’ of creation, being drawn into ‘cycles’ and ‘seasons’ that will govern the previous act that ‘seeded’ Life. Splendor is the essence of the Fifth Day, such that it is the recognition of ‘magnificence’ in all previous acts, or days. Here we have ‘living creatures’ and the ability for them to ‘multiply’. We should note that everything up to this point has been ‘static’, without self-volition, or self-motivating movement – things have only been created and placed. The expression of ‘living creatures’ now introduces animation of Life that is ‘conscious’ and having a brain that gives it desire, even though it too will be subject to the previous courses set in cycles and seasons, that all ‘earthbound’ creatures adhere to.

Now, the Sixth Day is unique, in the act of Yesod that is Foundation. This stage is following a creative signature that rooted in the ‘institution’ of Divine Imaging; the Reflection of Creative Purpose. Consider the following statement: “The creation story serves as a preface not just to Genesis but to the entire Hebrew Bible. Recounting the origin of the cosmos and its glorious centerpiece, Earth, it shows God masterfully orchestrating the events of creation. Each phase follows more or less the same basic pattern established on day one: divine command, result, divine approval, enumeration of the day. But the effect is anything but monotonous. Like a ‘musical’ theme with variations, the story shows the world gradually becoming more ‘mobile’ and ‘complex’, until, by the sixth day, it is ready for self-perpetuation through procreation.” (HarperCollins Study Bible, NRSV; footnote to Genesis 1:1 – 2:3)

Just as the sixth day presents the creation of the ‘ideal creature’, that is Man, it is the purest act of creation when it stabilizes and enters ‘self-recognition’ by a creature that not only can ‘view’ its processes but can also comprehend them. Does nature acknowledge itself, or does it merely respond to itself? In this alone, isn’t Man capable of mental observations that can define what is observed, more than merely exist in what is observed? By the Seventh Day, the seventh act of creation, and up to this point of extension, the close of the Day has not yet occurred, and thus, God is resting. The ‘echo’ of Malkut has yet to reach fruition. And even though the Divine Kingdom is ‘drawn and placed’, it is not yet finished. Creation is holding its breath, contemplating the next move, one that is left in divine action that is determined by extension and its only worthwhile divine ‘counterpart’; Man.

It is here that we finally reach some idea of the Nether Kingdom and its calling, as a self-contained creative essence that is growing, evolving, attenuating, to a higher or more accelerated degree than its predecessors; the totality of the previous acts of extension. In some ways, this ‘sixth act’ is only a midpoint to what has occurred, as creation has only just now gained an aspect of itself that is actually ‘viewing’ itself. And a course of ‘eons’ will have to pass for a creature that is subject to Time – the unfolding wave of causality that is the bane of creation – before decisive levels of ‘self-experience’ and ‘self-recognition’ have passed, enough so to satisfy the Calling of Creation as primordially determined; for we are still anticipating the Cosmic End of the Divine Beginning. As with the hands of some divine clock, the hour hand has been traveling downward from the midnight hour into a relative divine dawn. In the most recent cosmic past, considering only the ages of man, it’s around 6PM, in the Divine Seventh Day; where the current Fourth World that is spoken of in ancient tribal prophecies is reaching its peak moment, and the next cosmic hour is vibrating at a very different pace. And many of us are beginning to feel its tension. The approaching 5th to 7th worlds may be seen as the ‘rising’ concourse of human condition, as we strive to master the upward motion of our divine return, or cosmic awakening. For the moment, we need to set this concept aside and continue on from the distant past of the Nether Kingdom’s arrival in the current cosmic scene of creation.


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