The Human Aura

So from here we journey into the Human Aura, and how calculating sacred geometry/number is once again used to chart such ideals for us. Here we will view the grid of the Ten Chakrian Spheres. We relate these ten spheres to the Kabbalic Tree of Life that expresses 10 spheres of emanation(s) and a course of 22 paths that interconnect them, thus the 32 Paths of Wisdom. From this aspect, we find ten spheres that establish a layering of fields as they extend upwards through the physical human body. These extend as such; the Root and Knee fields set the Torus Body or ‘grounded/rooted’ state of the body; the Base, Sacral, Solar, Heart, Throat and Pituitary fields set the Torus Soul or ‘trunk/stream’ state of the body; the Brow and Crown fields set the Torus Spirit or ‘summit/pedestal’ state of the body. The term ‘torus’ is applied here, as defined earlier, as a rotating stream the spirals bi-directionally in upward/downward motion, thus it receives and transmits equally. For the most part, the grounding agent of the feet and knees are the earthbound aspect that ‘seat’ the physical sacred form to this, or any other, physicality. It is the primary array of energy that rests between the earth field and the lower trunk of the human body.

The Torus Body radiates in the ankles, at the Talus or lower tibia, and streams towards the knees, at the Patella and upper tibia. It is also the radiating vortex of earth-to-body energy fields that support the Merkavah Center, residing at the base of the Root Triad of Force in the Diatonic Paths. This is ground-zero for all physical energies that unfold from the magnetic earth field as well as all cosmic radiations that would serve the physical human form. From here, all energies are transmitted as they collide with the Torus Body Field, pushing them outward and upward along the etheric field of the body until they indwell the body once more at the Torus Spirit of the Crown/Brow Aspects. We view this as a rather large field of energies that engulf the human form, vitalizing the core of the Soul, for it’s not just an intake of food that feeds the flesh, it is a plasma-field of energy that cosmically flows in a multitude of arrays from stars, planets and many other astral planes. In many ways, this again is likened to the cosmic-fish existing in a cosmic-fishbowl, moving within the ‘water’ and drawing vitality from the ‘water’ simultaneously, even though the implanted ‘soul’ is better likened to the cosmic-driver operating the cosmic-car, or body.

Next is the Torus Soul, the unique sevenfold field that contains the core Seat of the Soul as it is set in the crest of the physical body; the Pineal gland. This field begins several inches below the tailbone and rises through a stream of physical organs approaching the base of the physical brain, seating the force in the Pituitary Gland at the base core of the brain. This field has three major signatures; the Base/Sacral, the Solar/Heart, and the Throat/Pituitary. These three ‘chambers’ present the dynamic shaft of the Kadmon, or sacred Christos of the Man, as viewed in the Soul Proper Crystal; the primary Kabbalic form of the tree as viewed without Malkut set in the form.

At the apex of the body lies the Torus Spirit, as the intense radiated field that resides at the crest of the body and interpenetrates the lower-astral energy state as the ‘pedestal’ of the Higher-Self, or Upper Soul. This is not to say we have two souls as much as it presents the dividing line between physical and spiritual aspects that dwell in the physical or ‘nether’ realms. It is the ‘phone-line’ between forces, which is why the etheric field enters here from both the Torus Body and the ‘unseen’ higher organic natures as pure spiritual energies that exist as minute strands, or ‘stings’ that vitalize every objective form of matter, including Man. It is a combination of strong and weak ‘sub-atomic’ forces that we find in physics, existing as the Creators presence deep within creation. And if that doesn’t strike a gong in your inner-self I don’t know what will!

Again, the factors of the grid do nothing more than simulate the fields as they are charted, as they can’t be seen or proven by any technology we currently know of, although, that day may come very soon. So for now we work with a level of understanding that we can reasonably define. At the Root/Ankle essence of the Torus Body the field is colored a light red, is assigned to the number 1 (1×1) and any numbering that one would give it that can be called less than one, or ‘negative’, as the negative side of energy is the grounding element of its stream. This “1” is given as the base essence of energy that exists here in the Torus Body, as the primary ‘cord’ that keeps the physical body alive. We view this as the third prong of any heavy duty power cord, that the third prong is ‘ground’. For when we ground ourselves, via prayer or mediation, we ‘plug-in’ to energies that rise from ‘nether/cosmic’ realms that vitalize us all the more as we direct them through the more progressive states of the etheric body, stimulating the negative/positive flow by our very thoughts and intent of force. And as energy rises, it courses through us like an unseen wind that stirs our very Soul.

The next essence is at the Knees, colored a crimson red and is assigned to 4 (2×2), which is the ‘key’ of 1 multiplying the doublet of the ‘root’ (1×1 becomes 2×2). The Torus Body contains the elemental basics of nurturing and movement, such that the first is grounding the form/body and the second is engaging motion ‘into’ that form/body. Anything static is of course considered one breath short of dead, and the fact that we ‘walk’ as motion on the ground (for the most part) is the vitality of the grounding energy; similar to the ‘falling’ energy of the Torus Soul that reacts like a generator for ‘coarse’ energy that must exit the body. When this cycle becomes hampered we suffer perpetually at our own hands, for dis-ease will occur. The flow of elimination, both physically and spiritually, has to be maintained if proper health and vitality is to transpire.

For obvious reason then, the Base (Gonads) essence in the Torus Soul, colored bright red, and assigned to 8, is the ‘foundation’ or eliminative essence. This is set between the Coccyx (tail-bone) and mid-Femur (leg-bone). The essence of this area is 2×4=8; essentially doubling the lower field of the Knees. This relates to the ‘fertility’ nature of the number 8 (see Throat Chakra below), as it feeds from the energy of the ‘desires’ as they fall from the Sacral Center. In the male this centers on the Testes, and in the female it centers on the Ovaries, raising the signature to the middle of the Ilium (hip-bone), or Dorsal Sacral. In like manner, this chakra can be said to be the ‘lower veil’ of the inferior body, relating that these two chakra centers work concurrently, even though they partition the Torus configurations of Body to Soul. In relationship to the Sacral, they both form the 1st chamber of the Torus Soul. This center corresponds to Saturn, set in the sphere of Binah (as Da’at, see Throat Chakra), whose stone is Onyx, and scent is Storax.

The Sacral essence is set in the ‘sexual-organs’, between the 5th Lumbar and 3rd Sacral of the spine. It is colored orange and adheres to the desire aspect, as the motivator of physical life, assigned to 12, raising the lower Base essence to 3x the field of the Knees. We will note that “12” will become our new key factor for a rather odd reason. The Solar and Heart Chambers are the ‘fiery’ nucleus of the Torus Soul. We can also state they are in the deepest part of the root field of the Christos, significant to the 12; the double of 6, the double of 3, as found in the Merkavah Center. The Christos Field is external of the physical body and penetrates through the Torus Spirit between the Crown and Brow chakras. This can be viewed two ways, as the tripling of the Torus Body (ie: the knees) or what I call the “Calling Essence”, as there are 12 major cranial nerves directing 12 major divisions in the body, thus, when these centers are spiritualized they represent the 144,000 (12x12x1000) that are ‘sealed’ when the physical body is vitalized to its maximal state, defined as the “1000” essence of spiritualized energy. [Edgar Cayce] As such, this vitality core of the Solar/Heart Chamber is factored at “12”, that will continue throughout the higher body fields replacing the essence of “1” given to the lower body fields. The reason for this is due to the higher intonation of the upper chambers, that reside in fields that are factor to double the rate of 6, that number we know is affixed to Man. From this lower Torus Soul Chamber we will now enter the upper magnitude of the body. Note that the 12 plus 1 produces the same number (13) given to the apostles when with the Christ. However, the numbers “13” and “20” involve a whole other study and will not be examined in this section. This center corresponds toNeptune, attached to Water, set in the sphere of Chakhmah, and the tone of G-sharp. [See footnote 2-3]

So, the Solar essence is colored yellow, and set between the 10th Thoracic and 1st Lumbar of the spine. In many respects this is the ‘fire’ center of the physical body, but the ‘water’ center of the spirit body, such that when Christ was speared in the side water issued from the wound. As such, this is the Vital Axis of both the physical and spiritual essences of the human form. In the Kabbalah, it is the Tiferet Crossing, that when rotating the Tree of Life at Tiferet (6×60o) propagates the Merkavah Center, thus its relationship to the Solar Sun of the cosmic body. This is the Lion of the Four Beasts [Edgar Cayce], where the Base/gonads are the Calf, the Sacral/lyden is the Man, and the Heart/thymus is the Eagle. The same follow Earth/Water/Fire/Air. Its force essence is 36 (3×12), with the elemental basics of growth, for both spirit and mind (not brain). This is now 9x the field of the Knees. This center corresponds to Mars, set in the sphere of Gevurah, whose stone is Ruby, and scent is Pepper or Dragon’s Blood, and the tone of C.

The Heart essence is colored green, and set just slightly left of the 4th-5th Thoracic. It is interesting to note that this chakra is off-center of certain other chakra fields, for two reasons; one, it levels the pressure of the body for blood flow as it enters/exits from the right, which is at center body; two, the Heart doesn’t belong to the body – it belongs to the Soul, thus it sets the Torus Soul, as we are “in the world, but not of the world” (See definition above for the number 6, as this is the 6th Chakra). The Heart essence is assigned to 60 (5×12) that is factored by the ‘lower-essences’ of Base/Solar as 2 and 3 respectively (2+3=5). The Heart is given to emotion that determines love and fear, such that it cultivates a level of sincerity into what we manifest by these natures, making them more than real when we extend the energy. It is also commonly referred to as the Thymus center, stimulating the immune system from childbirth – yet, it tends to disappear or become rudimentary in adults. This center corresponds to Venus, set in the sphere of Netzach, whose stone is Emerald or Turquoise, and scent is Sandalwood or Myrtle, and the tone of F-sharp.

Now, what happens as we move further upward will seem even stranger, but we must realize that we are leaving the ‘flatland’ of the physical and approaching the ‘dimensional’ spiritual essences. For as we pass over the next ridge of the chakra fields we face an ‘illusive’ nature that is best described in the Kabbalic as being the power center of the spiritual mind – the Throat Chakra, set in the projection of the Da’at.

In a previous study we noted the essence of the Da’at, as being the core of the Tree of Knowledge as expressed in the Kabbalah. This essence is unique among mankind, as it stems from forces that are deeply embedded in the spiritual mind, as it is by ‘words’ that forces are commanded from ‘intuition’ though the Will and brought into Action. But, we are not that far along yet, as the Throat (Thyroid) essence draws our attention. It is rated at 96, a number that in its own way swirls in opposition from its center; symbolizing the hormonal stream the chakra exudes, a relative nature found in the regenerative essence the number 8. This center corresponds to Uranus, sometimes set in the sphere of Binah (as Da’at, see Throat Chakra) and other times in Keter, as there is no spirit or intelligence given to this station (similar to Saturn/Solar Plexus), and whose tone is E.

What becomes unique here is the use of 12 that is drawn from the middle trunk of the Torus Soul. This is set by 8×12=96, with the [8] being drawn from the primary factors of the Solar/Heart chamber (3+5=8). Here we find that in the Gematria the number eight shares a root with shah’meyn, meaning ‘to make fat’ or ‘to super-abound’. In like manner, as a participle it means ‘one who abounds in strength’, and as a noun it implies ‘superabundant fertility’. As such, it expresses a level of force that quickly rises. Eight also signifies resurrection and regeneration, such that it extends the transmission of force that can ‘rebirth’ at awesome levels, similar to the ‘tinkkune’ (See footnote 1) nature spoken of in the Kabbalah. “Eight is the first cubic number (2x2x2), where three is the symbol of the ‘first plane’, or flat figure, and that four is the ‘first square’. So here, in the first cube, we see something of transcendent perfection indicated; the length, breadth and height of which are equal.” [E.W. Bullinger: ‘Number in Scripture’]

We must make note of the ideal set by 8×12, as the eight is given to ‘regeneration’, twelve is given to ‘perfection of government’. The Sun that rules the Day, and the moon and stars that rule the night, do so by their passage through the 12 signs of the Zodiac, to complete the ‘great circle of the heavens’. Twelve is the product of 3, the Perfectly Divine, and 4, that which is earthly and organic. The stronger essence of 4 sets the force in the ‘unrefined’ and sets the limit of force in the cosmically visible. For the Throat Chakra, this is physical and spiritual communication, determined by what we ‘speak’, such that the audible utterance of sound remains the strongest force behind energy. Thus, this essence lies at the medial borderland of the body physical and the body spiritual. And it remains just as destructive as it can be constructive, such that vocalized ‘anger’ will harm and ‘self-control’ will produce tranquility.

We then arrive at the apex of the Torus Soul, referred to as the Pineal. This one gland of the body is seen as being vestigial; a bodily part or organ that is small and degenerate or imperfectly developed in an earlier stage of the individual, in a past generation, or closely related form. [Webster] It can therefore be considered ‘asleep’, as it anticipates our ability to restore it to divine activation. Since it is a ‘dormant’ gland that has not been accessed well in the past it has potent resources but collapses too easily. This is the mental/spiritual ‘rubber-band’ that snaps when unrestrained conditions surface. And when impulsive energy is released it shatters the coiling effect and induces confusion in the body. Unfortunately, its close proximity to the Pituitary gland and the Torus Soul makes it an unpredictable ‘adversary of reason’, and when we lose management of its energies we pay dearly for it, both physically and spiritually. It has an essence of 240; a modest, but an abrupt leap from the Throat Chakra. Why does this happen?

Simply put, because it restrains the energizing force of action long before it reaches verbalization, like a charged coil that cultivates energy until it is released. It is subject to ‘upheaval’ [Edgar Cayce], as it stirs symbolic ‘earthquakes’ in the body. In the Book of Revelation, when it speaks of these things, it is the direct relationship of earthbound natures that suffer under stress in like manner as they occur in the body, of which both earth and body share relative amounts of elemental water and fire. No wonder it is considered the Seat of The Soul, as the Torus Soul is engaged here in ‘downward’ motion. So, now you know why severe headaches occur under stressful conditions and improper channeling of body energies! This center corresponds to Mercury, set in the sphere of Hod, whose stone is Opal, and scent is White Sandal, whose tone is E, also relative to the Throat. The 240 (12×20) essence of force found here is impressive3, as the leap is 60x that of the Torus Body at the Knees, and 4x that of the Heart Chamber. This may seem extreme, but we have two other chakra centers to be even more considerate of.

When we approach the mountaintop of the Torus Enclave we are also arriving at the ‘summit’ of the superior Christos. Here in the inferior chamber of the Torus Spirit is the Pituitary, an endocrine gland that produces various internal secretions directly or indirectly impinging on most basic body functions. This center suffers greatly at the hand of chemical intake and is easily unaffected by meditations when one is not prepared properly to call upon its energies. As there are many ways to engage meditation, all drawn from specific native or tribal applications, the ideal of setting sacred space (4, 6, 7 to 8 wind or ‘pillar’ ceremonies) and initiating physical preparation (fasting, etc.) is critical when one realizes different worlds require certain respect; of which this study dare not attempt to delineate at this time. Still, these ideals have to be considered when one wishes to enter ‘within’. And what is conducted carries direct ‘reflective’ energy concerns on the stability of the Torus Soul and Spirit. Inadvertently, the Pituitary has direct impulse over the Pineal, since the veil between the Torus Soul and the Torus Spirit is conducive to our divine ‘growth’ that is innate in the Solar Plexus Chamber.

This center is the lesser spiritual ‘echo’ of the Torus Spirit. Herein, lays the Will and the enigmatic ‘second-sight’ of Vision. It is the ‘will’ that establishes the Soul Mind, allowing great potential for co-creative prowess to subsist, and it is internal ‘vision’ that allows us to see into the shadowy edge of the Cosmic Circle, or coin. The ‘direction’ of those energies as forces is what separates us from the divine kinetic force as we remain ‘unaware’ in our so called consequential static ‘spiritual’ state. Its essence is rated 720 (12×60) being factored by the energy inclination of the Pineal (60x) as mentioned above (grounded by the Heart chakra, also at 60), relating that these centers work concurrently, even though they partition the Torus configurations of Soul to Spirit. This center corresponds to Jupiter, set in the sphere of Chesed, whose stone is Amethyst and Lapis Lazul, and scent is Saffron, whose tone is A-sharp. We will now enter the final gate of the Human Form and see what all the fuss is about.

The tenth and final gate is the Crown, not to be confused with the Pituitary we just reviewed since this field doesn’t even lie in the physical body. This is an oddity for sure, but the reasons for it lie in the Christos nature and not the human nature. This is the ‘focal lens’ between the physical domain and ‘superior’ spiritual domain, of which our need for direct communication with is the sole purpose of our physical venture. We lie in the ‘inferior’ domain, even though the stream of vital energy that extends throughout the ‘superior’ domain is less than a hairs width away from us. The ‘aetheric’ body field is a distortion to the superior domain, as a stone thrown in the cosmic pond. And similar to the Torus Body Chamber there are few vital statistics we can assess for this energetic center. There is a Key we can use though, and it lies in the 6th station of the Diatonic Paths, the station of the Supernal Man (the Divine 6). And why should we note the eight-sided form here; because eight is the number of Resurrection, and just as our Lord rose from the earthly so must we! Here in the deep, golden brown ray of the Crown, the new base red of a divine auratic column, lies the essence of Knowledge as the supernal intuition; the ‘sixth-sense’ of the Divine Physical. This is not so we can ‘see dead people’, as much as it allows us to ascend above our death – keeping the body just as the resurrected Christ – yet, it is a new body, vibrating high above the physical essences. But this is nothing more than ‘awakening’ ourselves to ourselves. For here the rate is 960 and higher, as 12×80 — (2×6)(8×10) — is the perfection of governing the Human Soul. (80 is the sum of the Pineal/Pituitary peak factors of 20 and 60) At minimum, this is 240x the rate of the Knees in the Torus Body, and 240 is the prime rate of the Pineal where the ‘opening’ of the Torus Spirit actually engages. Imagine that!

1) Tikkune: Correction, repair, mending, or healing; restoration of the Holy Sefirot to the ideal or original state; spiritual work of the soul. [Kabbalah]

2) Thirteen: (13) has always been considered a number of ill-omen. Unfortunately, those who would review the history of this never go back far enough. As we take on history we go further than the Apostles, all the way back to Genesis 14:4; where we read “twelve years they served Chedorlaomer, and in the thirteenth they rebelled.” Thus, thirteen has taken on rebellion, defection, disintegration, and revolution.

3) Twenty: (20) is the double of 10, and may in some cases signify its concentrated meaning. But its significance seems rather to be connected with the fact that it is one short of 21; that is to say, if twenty-one is the three-fold 7 (3×7), and signifies Divine (3) completion as regards spiritual perfection (7), then twenty, being one short of it would consider what Dr. Milo Mahan calls expectancy of the Divine. [Bullinger: ‘Number in Scripture’] Here we find an interesting note, that of all the chakra centers, why is it that the foremost three (Pineal/Pituitary/Crown) carry signatures of twenty [20/60/80] that are lying ‘asleep’ under the influence of expectancy? Have we not entirely ‘awoken’ to our creed? And in what day will we approach its potential – or will it have to be forced or drawn out of us in an Age of Retraction, or ‘awakening’? 


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